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STOP PRESS New training dates announced – How to form your Green Team

Recent Developments 3Taking control of your carbon needs a team approach. Now is the time to form a Green Team. This FREE workshop will give you ideas on how to:

  • Build cooperation from the whole of your organisation
  • Include senior management of the organisation
  • Arrange dates and agendas for your green team meeings
  • Create a tailored environmental policy for your organisation
  • Report back on your work to your board and build support for your work

Glasgow Workshop 16th May 2017 – NOW PASSED

Edinburgh Workshop 30th May 2017 2-4pm

Inverness Workshop 8th June 2017 2-4pm


Moving forward with Carbon Reduction

We know we’ve been making good progress with more arts organisations than ever becoming fully engaged with measuring their carbon footprint but we also know from our email box and our conversations that many Green Champions are keen to to move up a gear. Over the past few months we’ve been taking the chance to do some planning on how we can help the arts in Scotland to take a full part in reducing climate change over the next 5 years.This has included some conversations with people working in Scotland on carbon reduction in other business sectors.

Resource Efficient Scotland have published information and guidance for SMEs which has a number of useful resources.

We’re keen to follow their good examples but adapt them to the arts sector so we’re launching our conversations on Carbon Management Planning. We are starting with a presentation to the Federation of Scottish Theatre Members meeting on the 20th April 2017 and are keen to hear your views and suggestions. We plan to keep it simple and to provide useful tools and guidance

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You can see our our presentation on Carbon management for all which provides some pointers on our plans


January to March

Carbon reporting progress

Over the first few months of 2017, we’ve been busy with a number of projects one of which is analysing the environmental data submitted to Creative Scotland last September by almost 120 arts organisations. There’s still quite a bit of work to do but we think there are reasons to be cheerful with lots more organisations submitting more and better data year on year. Here’s a sneak preview

Recent Developments

We will be publishing a full report on all of our findings in the next few weeks so watch this space!




Annual reporting to Creative Scotland for Regularly Funded Organisations

Creative Scotland have recently released the Annual Statistical Survey form to be used for 2015-16 annual reporting from funded organisations. This includes a section for reporting environmental data which must be completed by all organisations which are Regularly Funded (RFOs). The submission date is 23rd September 2016.

Creative Carbon Scotland are putting together a package of support including training workshops and downloadable resources to help make this process as easy as possible for Green Champions. We will be providing more information very soon and you can find some details on our Carbon Reporting for RFOs page. If you would like to know more about our planned support please contact Fiona MacLennan or phone us on 0131 529 7909.


Reporting back on the environmental information reported to Creative Scotland by arts organisations in Scotland

During our conversations with arts organisations about how we can reduce our environmental impacts we have often been asked what are the best ways to reduce our carbon footprints and how do we know whether we are doing well?

In this report, we’ve tried to answer some of those questions by analysing the environmental data provided last year as part of annual reports to Creative Scotland.

Download a copy of Voluntary Carbon Reporting 2014-15


How you reported on your Green actions and your Carbon emissions for 2014-15 – see our GAI Infographic

This handy infographic sums up information we gathered from over a hundred organisations who now receive regular funding from Creative Scotland (RFOs). During 2015 we had conversations with many of the organisations and we put this together with information from annual reporting on Carbon emissions to show maximum and typical CO2 impacts. See how many organisations are engaging in environmental actions and where you fit in to the sector.

Find out more on the who, how and what of Carbon Reporting in the arts in Scotland

Carbon Literacy training for screen

With the help of the BAFTA Albert staff we delivered Carbon Literacy training for screen professionals.

We are keen to promote the excellent work done by the BAFTA ALBERT consortium.You can find information on the work ALBERT have been doing as well as case studies and tips on sustainability for screen in the

Find out more on the Media Greenhouse site site.

Please contact Fiona MacLennan for more information and to arrange attendance at our next session.


Estimating your Office Energy with the Tenant Energy Toolbox

In response to requests from organisations who can’t access information on energy used in their offices we created this handy spreadsheet tool to estimate energy use and help with understanding the best opportunities for reductions.

Find out more about the Tenant Energy Toolbox in our Resources Section


Igniting Sustainable Culture Change in the Live Production Industry

Creative Carbon Scotland presented this session in collaboration with the Sustainability in Production Alliance (SiPA) in Scotland at PLASA Focus Glasgow in January 2016.

Find out more about SiPA in our Resources section

Federation of Scottish Theatre – Calculating metrics for theatre companies 

We helped members of the FST Carbon strategy group to explore ways of measuring how well they are managing their carbon budgets by calculating metrics like kg CO2 per ticket sold (to name but one).  Please contact Ben Twist or Fiona MacLennan for more information

Use this handy FST Data Collection spreadsheet as a basis for calculating some simple metrics.

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