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An important area of Creative Carbon Scotland’s work from when we started has been with ‘influencers’ – organisations, bodies and people who can influence the wider structures that artists and cultural organisations work within. Without this happening, individuals and organisations find that the changes they want to make are hindered by the environment they work within; if those structures are supportive the changes are encouraged and accelerated. Our approach is based on up to date research which shows that the sort of change we are seeking is most likely to be successful if we work at the individual, organisational and structural levels at the same time.

For example, from 2011 CCS has been working with the 12 Edinburgh Festivals that belong to the umbrella group Festivals Edinburgh, helping to develop, strengthen and implement an environmental sustainability policy that first focused on carbon measurement and has now widened to look at audience and artist engagement. The Festivals have developed a range of projects and policies, with different Festivals finding ways to contribute to the joint strategy that work for their individual circumstances.

With Creative Scotland we have helped develop their environmental strategy for the arts sector. We have worked to ensure that the Regular Funded Organisations that receive core funding have the support, training and tools to report their carbon emissions from energy and water use, waste and business travel. We are working with both Creative Scotland and the arts organisations to explore how they can contribute to Creative Scotland’s Environment Connecting Theme. From March 2016 we will also be working with the screen production industry in Scotland to help it respond to the Environment Connecting Theme. And we have provided advice to Creative Scotland and many arts organisations planning capital projects, helping them think about the potential for improving their environmental performance both through the design of their new buildings and the way they plan to work in them once they are completed.

With the Federation of Scottish Theatre we have been working to develop some useful ‘metrics’ that allow theatre and dance companies to relate their carbon emissions to their activity, making more sense of the raw data and enabling them to understand more clearly how best to work so as to reduce their environmental impacts.

With the Scottish Contemporary Art Network since 2012 we have run a series of individual events including ‘Green Tours’ looking at how both the work and the way exhibitions are curated can impact on the environment in both positive and negative ways; and a meeting with curators and artists Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich as part of our recent ArtCOP Scotland season of climate change work.

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We believe cultural and creative organisations have a significant influencing power to help shape a sustainable Scotland for the 21st century.

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