The Embedded Artist Project

The Embedded Artist 3

SLOW Clean-up, Frances Whitehead

The urgency of climate change requires us all to think about sustainability in our practice and day to day lives; however, we at Creative Carbon Scotland believe that a wider cultural problem exists that prevents this from happening.

At present, we live in a culture of consumption: we take resources from the planet, use them and dispose of the waste into the land, seas and atmosphere (see the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s video on ‘Re-thinking Progress’). One of the consequences of this way of living is climate change.

Adapting to and mitigating the impacts of the climate we have created requires collaborative, interdisciplinary thinking as well as creative solutions – something which we are advocating for more of within both the sustainability and the cultural sectors.

We see an opportunity for artists, designers and other creative practitioners, who live and work through creative and cultural practices to share their skills, knowledge and perspectives to not only address environmental sustainability, but also change the way we interact in society – thus re-imagining the culture and embedding sustainability within it.

This is already happening in the United States with artist Frances Whitehead. Her experience working on projects that engage rather than depict real world complexities and her desire to work within the public sphere led to the creation of the Embedded Artist Project.

  • The goal of the programme (currently located within the Chicago Metropolitan area) is to “embed practicing artists into city government in order to bring new perspectives, mindsets and processes to planning projects that revolve around the city’s future” (2).

Following from Frances’s work and insight, our aim for this project is to explore the feasibility of setting up multiple EAPs across Scotland where artists, designers and other creative practitioners, can contribute their skills and practices to creatively and sustainably transform some of Scotland’s deprived areas.

In early 2017, we will be running a closed seminar for policymakers in Dundee as a first step towards implementation, and hope to be running more public activities in due course.

For further information on the project, please contact the project organiser, Gemma Lawrence.

This project is supported by Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (DJCADThe Embedded Artist 2






(1)  Image: SLOW Clean-Up, Frances Whitehead

(2) Isé, Claudine: Frances Whitehead, Embedded Artist

(3) Read Frances’s piece on what artists know.

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