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Creative Carbon Scotland has created a series of policies to guide our work, each which demonstrate our commitment to being a high-quality, fair, ethical and legislatively compliant organisation. These policies apply to all Creative Carbon Scotland trustees, staff, freelancers, interns, volunteers and casual staff.

Information Security & Data Protection Policy
We seek to uphold the highest standards to keep the information we use safe. Download our Information Security Policy. You can also read the privacy policy for our website.

Equalities Policy
Creative Carbon Scotland is committed to actively promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all of our work. This applies both to the services we provide to others and the way in which we ourselves operate. For more information, visit our Equalities page or download our Equalities Policy.

If you are applying to work with Creative Carbon Scotland, you should complete our Equal Opportunities Monitoring form here.

Sustainability Policy
Environmental Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. For more information, visit our Sustainability page or download our Sustainability Policy.

Travel and Subsistence Policy
We seek to meet and exceed best practice when it is necessary for those working or volunteering for Creative Carbon Scotland to travel. For more information, visit our Travel and Subsistence page or download our Travel Policy.

Procurement Policy
We aim to work with the most socially, economically and environmentally sustainable suppliers and products. Download our Procurement Policy and take a look at our sustainable suppliers list.

Health and Safety Policy
We work hard to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who work for, work with or participate in an event or activity with Creative Carbon Scotland. Download our Health & Safety Policy.

Parental Leave Policy
We seek to meet best practice and comply with all legislation on parental leave. Download our Parental Leave Policy.

Annual Trustees’ Report and Accounts
The Board of Trustees approves our accounts annually. Accounts for the past two financial years are provided here (2017-18) and here (2018-19).

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