Travel and Subsistence Policy

As an organisation, we work across Scotland, and travel is an often necessarily element of this. As part of our commitment to monitoring and managing our environmental impact we aim to measure and reduce our travel-related carbon emissions.

When travelling on office business, method of travel should be chosen on the basis of cost effectiveness and environmental impact.

  • For journeys within Edinburgh, use bicycle, walking or public transport whenever time allows rather than taxis. Some preplanning should help keep use of taxis to a minimum.
  • For journeys within the UK, train should always be chosen over air travel.
  • For international flights, non-stop flights are preferred to multiple short-haul stops.
  • Only if it is the most sustainable option should a car be used on CCS business. If your own car is used, the current mileage allowance is 40p per mile. Bicycle travel has an allowance of 20p per mile (HMRC approved mileage rate).
  • We will work towards increased use of video-conferencing where appropriate, and towards setting firmer limits of when travel is required, over the next few years as our work develops.

Download our Travel and Subsistence Policy here.

We use the web-based travel tool to process our organisation’s expenses, whilst simultaneously calculating the resulting carbon emissions. To find out more about the tool, and to sign up for an account yourself, have a look at our project page or the website.

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