Blog: Top 5 Tips For The Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

4th August 2017

Are you planning on applying for the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award? We've put together some quick suggestions on how to make your production a contender!

The award strives to recognise efforts taken by artistic productions to create a show that acknowledges the various strains of sustainability, and/or demonstrates sustainable behaviours throughout the production process.

While sustainability is often simplified to its environmental components, The Sustainable Practice Award recognises that sustainability exists in many forms. For this reason, productions with topics regarding social, economic or environmental sustainability are all excellent candidates for the award, and shows that lack themes of sustainability can be considered for the award if they worked towards creating a sustainable production.

Much like the broad definition of sustainability, our judges look at a variety of components in order to determine if a show will qualify for the award! After applications close on August 11th, we’ll announce those shows shortlisted for 2017!

Apply now for the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award!

Five Top Tips for Creating Sustainable Productions:

  1. Consider sustainability in your travel decisions. Consider how the members of your production are travelling to Edinburgh. Different modes of transportation have different levels of impact on the environment depending on the amount of carbon that they emit. Websites like Traveline Scotland and Loco2 are helpful in determining the most sustainable mode of transportation. Also consider where you are staying in Edinburgh. Staying in areas that surround the city centre allows you to access most venues by foot, helping to greatly decrease your carbon footprint.
  2. Consider sustainability in your production. Use sustainable materials when creating costumes and a set for your show. Gather materials from second hand shops and reuse props in order to decrease the amount of waste your production produces.
  3. Consider environmentally friendly marketing options.Online marketing options are increasingly popular and should be relied upon most heavily when promoting productions. Flyering is frequently used throughout the Edinburgh Festival Fringe but its environmental impact can be reduced! If no other means of marketing is available, choose a sustainable supplier such as PR Print and Design.
  4. Consider how ‘green’ your venue is. Have a conversation with your venue to find out what measures they are taking to create a sustainable environment for your production. Do they have a sustainability policy? Are they a member of the Green Arts Initiative? Have they informed you of any sustainability policies you must follow while performing at their location?
  5. Consider what you are going to do with your materials post-production. If you must dispose of set pieces or costumes after the show, make sure to recycle them. The Fringe Swap Shop takes place at Fringe Central (venue 2) from 27th – 29th This allows you to recycle pieces you do not need and possibly obtain recycled items for your next show! Similarly, make sure to recycle unused flyers properly at the end of the festival rather than just leaving them with your venue or disposing them into a normal rubbish bin. For more information on what will be accepted at the Swap Shop, contact

Apply now for the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award!

The project partnership of Creative Carbon Scotland and The Centre for Sustainability in the Arts introduced the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award at the Hollywood Fringe and Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010.  The award is run with support from PR Print and Design, and media partnership from The List. For more information, please contact

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