Call for Volunteers: Free Energy and Carbon Audit for Creative Carbon Scotland Members

8th August 2017

This Energy and Carbon Audit programme is provided free to selected organisations in the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas by a …

This Energy and Carbon Audit programme is provided free to selected organisations in the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas by a partnership between the Carbon Trust, University of Strathclyde and University of Edinburgh.

The audit will help your organisation understand and reduce energy and other costs in your activities, providing a clear assessment of your organisation’s carbon footprint and a practical action plan to make savings and take positive steps towards environmental sustainability.

Postgraduate students from the respective universities are trained by the Carbon Trust to complete an audit at a site, as part of their studies towards a Masters degree in engineering, carbon management or other related discipline. They will be selected to work with your organisation, backed by the support and experience of the Carbon Trust. This is highly valuable practical experience, carried out to professional standards, benefitting the students’ development and helping to produce a much-needed future generation of skilled technical specialists in business sustainability.

The students will produce a professional-style report at no cost to you, quality assured by specialists at the Carbon Trust. The report will help you better understand the consumption, costs and any wastage of energy in your organisation, to identify and take action to reduce costs and carbon emissions and, ultimately, improve your organisation and increase profits. The student carbon auditors will:

  •   Calculate the carbon footprint of your organisation, using data from you energy bills and and elsewhere.
  •   Identify opportunities for reducing energy costs and carbon emissions at your organisation.
  •   Calculate the energy, cost and carbon savings of the identified opportunities.
  •   Estimate any investment and payback period related to each of the identified opportunities.
  •   Produce a practical action plan for you to implement the identified opportunities.

Please note, all the information you provide at any point – and the energy and carbon audit report itself – will be kept confidential. Only aggregated results for the whole programme may be reported (unless we seek and receive your written permission otherwise). If you have any questions before, during or after the visit, please contact Roddy Hamilton at the Carbon Trust, at the email address below.

To find out more and to confirm interest in participating in this free programme please send an email with your contact details and brief description of your organisation to:

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