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Mandatory Carbon Reporting for Creative Scotland Regularly Funded Organisations. Help and information on submitting your environmental information to Creative Scotland

Environmental data

Changes to the way you submit your emissions data for 2018-19

For anyone receiving Regular Funding from Creative Scotland during the period from 2015-2018 your emissions data was submitted as part of the Annual Statistical Survey which was completed and returned to Creative Scotland by all those receiving Regular Funding.

This process has now changed and for all those receiving regular funding for the period from 2018-2021, emissions reporting for 2018-2019 will now be integrated with the process for submitting your Carbon Management Plan.

Guidance on mandatory reporting for 2018-19 onwards

We strongly recommend that you collect data as soon as possible. Gathering information throughout the year will help you make the most of the data you collect.  For guidance and information on what data you should be collecting and reporting see: Reporting your Carbon Emissions – Guidance for Regularly funded organisations


Help with understanding your carbon conversions - image

Help with understanding your carbon conversions

Download this handy Quick carbon conversions guide – updated for 2017-18 – to check your biggest emissions impacts. Once you have collected your data you can estimate your emissions using the emissions factors in our guide.

For detailed and accurate calculations always refer to:

Government emission conversion factors for greenhouse gas company reporting

Creative Scotland Annual Statistical Survey 2015-16 

All Regularly Funded Organisations (RFOs) were required to report their carbon emissions for the previous financial year (2015-16) by 23rd September 2016. In 2015 – 16, significantly more organisations submitted carbon emissions information, with 117 reporting compared to the previous year’s figure of 90 and a 31% increase in the amount of data reported.

Click on the infographic to download your copy of the report. See how the sector is progressing and find out where you fit in.

Creative Scotland Annual Statistical Survey 2014-15 

RFOs were invited to provide information on their environmental impacts in the Environmental section of Creative Scotland’s Annual Statistical Survey reporting form for the period 2014-15. We analysed the data sent to Creative Scotland and have produced a short report on Voluntary Carbon Reporting 2014-15. Click on the infographic to download your copy of the report. See how the sector is progressing and find out where you fit in.

Meetings with RFOs on Environmental Reporting

“Conversations with Green Champions” includes important highlights and key knowledge gathered from our meetings with Creative Scotland Regularly Funded Organisations between January and May 2015.

The report includes:

  • Information about the training provided by CCS
  • What we learned about Creative Scotland RFOs through this process
  • An overview of the tools available for RFOs to assist in the carbon emissions reporting process
  • General guidance on developing your Environmental Policy, reporting travel and recording building utilities
  • An informal opportunity to determine your “Green Champion Score”
  • Interesting things other RFOs are doing to address environmental impact

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