The Green Arts Conference

The Green Arts Conference, is the annual conference on how and why Scotland’s cultural sector is creatively approaching environmental sustainability. The Green Arts Conference is an opportunity for the sector to highlight and share the innovative steps being taken to reducing its environmental impact, and challenge how the arts can contribute to a more sustainable Scotland.

Save the Date for the Green Arts Conference 2018 which will be held in Edinburgh on 7 November 2018. Register your interest.

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With a specific ‘spotlight’ on the knowledge, learning and skills Green Champions and their cultural sector colleagues need in their roles, the conferences are a mix of plenary talks, interactive workshop and facilitated networking, all with the aim of growing internal confidence and external prominence of the work of the sector.

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Whether you’re a Green Arts Initiative member, a Regularly Funded Organisation working towards Creative Scotland’s ‘Environment’ Connecting Theme, an arts venue keen to find out what your peers are doing, an arts company who has been working on sustainability for years, or just coming to sustainability in the sector for the first time, there will be something for you!


Our Attendees

The Green Arts Conference is attended by members of the Green Arts Initiative , a Regularly Funded Organisations working towards Creative Scotland’s ‘Environment’ Connecting Theme, arts organisations keen to find out what their peers are doing and sustainability organisations interested in connecting with the cultural sector. You can use our interactive map to see who attended the 2017 conference.

Our Partner

The Green Arts Conference is supported by carbon-neutral printing company, PR Print and Design. We’ve been working with them for a couple of years to highlight more sustainable options for marking and print materials for the cultural sector, and when you come to the conference, you’ll get your own carbon-netural programme as an example of their work!

Green Arts Conference Report Published!

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We believe cultural and creative organisations have a significant influencing power to help shape a sustainable Scotland for the 21st century.

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