Guidance For Reporting Organisations 2021

In 2021, Creative Carbon Scotland are coordinating the data gathering and feedback on carbon emissions reporting and carbon management planning for organisations Regularly Funded by Creative Scotland (RFOs) and organisations which receive cultural funding from City of Edinburgh Council. We are also happy to work with any other cultural organisations wishing to implement carbon management practices and ask that you approach us via email for this support.

We know that a lot has changed and continues to change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and it is a challenging time for all. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help you think through how this will impact your environmental work.

Please contact with any questions.

Emissions Reporting

Creative Scotland Regularly Funded Organisations have reported carbon emissions since April 2015 and this continues for the current RFO cohort. Each year the report covers activities which took place during the previous year 1 April to 31 March.

Creative Carbon Scotland works with Creative Scotland to develop an easy and accessible reporting framework. Respondents are asked to provide their usage of utilities, amounts of waste and travel emissions relating to the period April 2020 – March 2021.

Carbon Management Planning

All Creative Scotland RFOs funded for 2018-21 have a Carbon Management Plan in place to reduce emissions throughout their work over the funded period and this is reviewed annually. Organisations receiving cultural funding from City of Edinburgh Council are also required to develop a Carbon Management Plan for the period of their funding, and some already have plans in place.

We recommend using the Carbon Management Planning Tool, the Carbon Management Planning Summary Tool, and our guidance on Carbon Management Planning, along with our other tools and resources to help you develop and update your plan. We are very happy to work with any reporting organisation to support them with the development and monitoring of their plan and with any questions they may have around implementation.

You may notice that our questions for all reporting organisations this year ask for actions or projects that your organisation intends to deliver before 2025 in light of our collective Scottish Government Net Zero targets. This is partly because we recognise the challenges of planning in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and hope that a medium-term approach could make Carbon Management Planning more accessible. We also want to emphasise that while organisations have made really positive progress since beginning to plan for carbon reduction, the scale of the Net Zero challenge is coming into focus and we collectively need to raise ambition.

A Note on Net Zero

Through commitments made in the UN Paris Agreement, the UK Government is committed to Net Zero by 2050, with Scotland committed to Net Zero by 2045 within that and some local authorities including City of Edinburgh Council and Glasgow City Council committed to Net Zero by 2030. This means that by these dates, the emissions we put into the atmosphere will balance with the emissions we can take out of the atmosphere. In practice, we expect to have to reduce our emissions drastically compared with what they are today. Please see our Creative Carbon Scotland Guide to Climate Policy for further information.

Survey Links and Deadlines

Creative Scotland RFOs

Please use the Emissions Reporting and Carbon Management Planning Survey 2021 to report your emissions for 2019-20 and to provide an update on your Carbon Management Plan.

We ask that you complete your submission by Friday 24th September 2021. If you also receive cultural funding from City of Edinburgh Council we ask that you meet the earlier deadline of Friday 20th August 2021. This earlier deadline is to allow the Council to meet their external reporting requirements.

Organisations receiving cultural funding from City of Edinburgh Council

Please use the Carbon Management Planning 2021 survey hosted on Survey Monkey to provide an update on your Carbon Management Plan.

We ask that you complete your submission by Friday 20th August 2021.

If your organisation receives cultural funding from City of Edinburgh Council and is also a Creative Scotland RFO, please use the Emissions Reporting and Carbon Management Planning Survey 2021. We will share the relevant data about your Carbon Management Plan with City of Edinburgh Council to help you meet both funders’ requirements.

Further Information and Support

Information on understanding your carbon emissions is available here and we encourage you to contact us if we can help you further.

If any deadline poses a challenge for you, please contact us now to let us know so that we can establish together how best to support you:

We’re here to support you in providing an update on your Carbon Management Plan. Our website has information about how to create and monitor a Carbon Management Plan along with a selection of downloadable tools and resources. In addition, we’re providing individual and drop-in online support and would welcome feedback about anything else we can do to help.

Individual Support

We are very happy to organise a phone call or video call to answer any questions or to be a sounding board for ideas, whether you’re experienced at carbon management or whether you’re brand new to it. Please contact Caro Overy by response to this email in the first instance.

Carbon Management Support Drop-In Workshops 3rd/4th/5th  August 2021 12-1pm

We’re holding three interactive drop-in workshops online where we’ll set the context for Carbon Management Planning this year with an opportunity for discussion of your project ideas and plans.

Please book your free place here

We’ll produce a short video alternative for those who are unable to attend a live workshop and a write-up of the events on request.

Post-Submission Support

Creative Carbon Scotland will provide feedback on Carbon Management Plan submissions in the weeks following the respective submission deadlines. Carbon Management Planning Officer Caro Overy is available to advise implementing plans, and to take feedback on resources and support.


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