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Helping your organisation reduce its carbon footprint

How will you start your carbon management journey? Creative Carbon Scotland have a number of tools and resources to help you measure, monitor, and reduce your carbon emissions.

In addition to the resources below, you can also read a blog by Caro Overy summarising the emissions and carbon reporting for 2021.

Carbon management tools

We have four spreadsheet based tools to allow you to integrate your emissions recording and planning work. These tools are for your internal use only and will not be used for submitting CMPs or reports on emissions to funders. In 2021, we added a carbon budget calculator to help you map your trajectory to Net Zero emissions.

All our tools are based on carbon emissions conversion factors as provided by the UK Government (BEIS) in 2020. They provide you with a carbon footprint output unit of kgCO2e (all greenhouse gases calculated as carbon dioxide equivalent), so are in line with all UK planning and reporting requirements. 

  1. The carbon management planning tool  allows you to integrate your existing recording with new planning work to help you identify and assess reduction projects, while keeping track of your emissions. Previous version to plan from 2019/20: carbon management planning tool 2019-20
  2. The quick carbon management calculator allows you to quickly calculate the emissions of specific actions to reduce your consumption of energy, travel, waste and water. It can help you decide on the lowest carbon action to take or measure a snapshot of your existing practice. It also includes a guide to typical equipment usage.  
  3. The CMP summary tool can be used to collate costs and emissions savings resulting from your reduction projects over the three years of your CMP. 
  4. The carbon budget calculator enables you to use your organisation’s current carbon footprint to calculate a trajectory towards zero. With Scotland’s net zero target in 2045 and some local authorities’ net zero targets set for earlier, we wanted to provide a tool for organisations to get an understanding of what this means for them.

We are always pleased to hear from users. If you have any questions or problems please contact  Fiona MacLennan.  

For Creative Scotland RFOs, these tools can be used to discuss and explain the impacts of your plan with your Green Teams, to ensure board approval, and to work with your lead officer in the implementation of your CMP as part of your funding conditions.

Quick carbon conversion guide - image

Quick carbon conversion guide

These documents provide core carbon conversion factors for each year. Please ensure you are using the document relating to the year the emissions are generated in. For example, if you are reporting emissions for 2019-20, use the 2019-20 document, whereas for planning ahead as part of your CMP, use the 2020-21 document.

Quick carbon conversion guide 2019-20

Quick carbon conversion guide 2020-21

Carbon management resources

An introduction to carbon management video tutorial

Creative Carbon Scotland’s Carbon Management Planning Officer Caro Overy gives an overview of carbon management for cultural organisations.

This tutorial is targeted towards organisations required to report on their emissions and carbon management plans, but may be of interest more widely.

An audio transcript of the content is available here

Carbon management 2018-21: who’s doing what?

In 2018, for the first time, Creative Carbon Scotland worked with Creative Scotland RFOs, who were required to submit CMPs to cover the opportunities for carbon reduction within their planned programmes of work for the duration of their funding. We had an impressive uptake, with over 110 organisations submitting CMPs. 

We took feedback from those who submitted plans about what they found useful, and many noted peer support as a significant factor in developing their CMPs, which inspired the development of this resource. 

Carbon management 2018-21: who’s doing what? enables you to see the summary contents of the CMPs made as part of the 2018 process, so will be useful for Green Champions looking to connect with organisations working on similar carbon reduction projects as part of their work. It could also provide inspiration for non-RFOs looking to find out about what organisations working in the same area are doing. 

Carbon management in the cultural sector: going to plan? - image

Carbon management in the cultural sector: going to plan?

The 2019 Green Arts Conference included a popular session, which provided up-to-date information on carbon management targets, discussed the main issues that organisations are facing, and provided time for planning for the future.

Here is a link to the documentation and video highlights from that session: Carbon management in the cultural sector: going to plan?

Carbon management plus

Help to answer some of the more complex questions that might arise when you’re working with carbon emissions, including how carbon emissions are calculated, how offsetting works, and what plastic means for carbon management. Upgrade your knowledge of carbon management.

Recording your travel emissions with

Measuring travel is one of the biggest challenges facing artists and cultural organisations when it comes to better understanding their environmental impact. For organisations this is often due to large quantities of data coming from multiple sources. Travel is also often the largest source of emissions for individuals and organisations so we thought it was important to find a way of making measuring travel an easier process for individuals and organisations.  This online tool was especially commissioned by Creative Carbon Scotland to help arts organisations simplify their travel recording. Read more and sign up to

Estimate your office energy with the Tenant Energy Toolbox and understand emissions from home working

Use our Energy Toolbox to help calculate estimates of your office space’s energy consumption.

For anyone who rents a studio or office space where heat, light and power are included in the rent. This spreadsheet tool provides a way of calculating an estimate of the carbon footprint of their accommodation. By supplying just the floor area of your office and the number of people working in your organisation you can use the tool to provide information for your annual reporting or for your employees and audiences. You can also use it for a more in depth analysis to help you recognise your best energy saving opportunities. You can find out more about the background and development of the tool, here in our resource pages

We have updated the toolbox in February 2021 to include a ‘working from home’ tab for organisations who are switching to a home working model for a significant part of their operations. Please refer to our Quick Guide to Measuring Emissions from Home Working to determine whether your organisation needs to use this and to find generic figures if you’re just working from home for a short time.

Note: We would always recommend asking your landlord for information on fuel bills if available.

Green Arts Portal

Our Green Arts Portal is a unique resource designed to provide you with support in measuring and reducing your environmental impact. You can access a range of guides in areas including data gathering, building and office energy usage, waste, travel and policies on our Green Arts Portal pages.

How to use action lists on Green Arts Portal
When you first visit the Green Arts Portal we recommend that you look through the action lists down the left hand side of your dashboard – these action lists will help to guide your green work. You can consult the resources and links attached to each action to help you complete them. The action lists are ordered from easiest to most difficult to give you an idea of where to start.

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