Carbon Reporting 2016-17 due 29th September

7th September 2017

Carbon Reporting is due on 29th September for all Regularly Funded Organisations, and Creative Carbon Scotland are here to help!

All Regularly Funded Organisations should now have received their Annual Statistical Survey for 2016-17 from Creative Scotland which should be completed and returned by 29th September 2017. As with previous years the survey contains an Environment worksheet which requests information on the emissions produced from your use of utilities, waste and travel. You can find a new video explaining how to complete this worksheet in the Carbon Reporting for RFOs section of the website.

What you need for reporting to Creative Scotland

You will need access to data on your usage of water, electricity, gas and other heating fuels as well as amounts of your landfill and recycled waste. Your emissions will be calculated automatically when you enter this data into the worksheet. In addition, you will need to access emissions data for your travel. We recommend using figures from the report page in your account. If you do not have your travel data recorded in claimexpenses you will need to calculate emissions from mileage figures using emissions factors for each mode of travel.

Please contact us if you need help to obtain data on emissions factors for travel.

Note: If you have completed this form for a previous year there have been some very minor changes.

Last year, over 50 organisations supplied actual recorded data for all appropriate categories. We hope that this year will see an even greater number of organisations supplying actual data but if this is not available we would encourage you to supply estimated data rather than no data.

Previous year’s reporting

You may be interested to know how we have used your data in the past? You can download our analysis of the data returned in the Environmental section of the Annual Statistical Survey for 2015-16 from our new pages.

Please get in touch with / 0131 529 7909 if you have any questions or need help with completing the Environment section of the survey.

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