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How will you start your Carbon Management journey? Creative Carbon Scotland can provide you with access to a number of tools to help you start measuring your key environmental impacts.


Interested to learn about what other organisations are doing to run themselves more sustainably? Our Resources page has a wide range of best practice stories and case studies to inspire you. From energy saving measures, to environmental policies, from staff engagement to sustainable procurement, there’s something for everyone.

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Tools from Creative Carbon Scotland

Carbon Management Tool

This new spreadsheet based recording and planning tool allows you to integrate your existing recording with new planning work to help you identify and assess reduction projects. Contact Fiona to receive the Carbon Management Tool to try it for yourself.

Recording your travel emissions with

Measuring travel is one of the biggest challenges facing artists and cultural organisations when it comes to better understanding their environmental impact. For organisations this is often due to large quantities of data coming from multiple sources. Travel is also often the largest source of emissions for individuals and organisations so we thought it was important to find a way of making measuring travel an easier process for individuals and organisations.  This online tool was especially commissioned by Creative Carbon Scotland to help arts organisations simplify their travel recording. Read more and sign up to

Estimating your Office Energy with the Tenant Energy Toolbox

Use our Energy Toolbox to help calculate estimates of your office space’s energy consumption.

For anyone who rents a studio or office space where heat, light and power are included in the rent. This spreadsheet tool provides a way of calculating an estimate of the carbon footprint of their accommodation. By supplying just the floor area of your office and the number of people working in your organisation you can use the tool to provide information for your annual reporting or for your employees and audiences. You can also use it for a more in depth analysis to help you recognise your best energy saving opportunities. You can find out more about the background and development of the tool, here in our Resource pages

Note: We would always recommend asking your landlord for information on fuel bills if available.

CCS Green Arts Portal (GAP)

Our Green Arts Portal is a unique resource designed to provide you with support in measuring and reducing your environmental impact. You can access a range of guides in areas including data gathering, building and office energy usage, waste, travel and policies on our Green Arts Portal pages.

To get even more out of GAP you can start tracking progress in your organisation by signing up to the Green Arts Portal here. When you create an account for your organisation you will be given your own set of Action lists to work through.

How to use Action Lists on Green Arts Portal
You can find out more on using Green Arts Portal here. When you first sign in we recommend that you look through the action lists down the left hand side of your dashboard – these action lists will help to guide your green work. The Top Ten actions also provide you with quick wins to help you get started. Action Lists can be used on a weekly or monthly basis to sign off any actions you have completed or plan to do. Alternatively you can consult the resources and links attached to each action. Lists come complete with scores (marked on level of importance and difficulty) to help you identify the easiest actions to get started on.

Tools from Other providers

The Savings Finder from Resource Efficient Scotland

For those of you who are trying to identify opportunities to save on resources and costs check out the Savings Finder, an online resource efficiency planning tool which will help you target your very best savings opportunities.

Within minutes you will have a free report highlighting the water, energy and raw material costs savings that you could make in your organisation.

It’s free, quick and easy. It could save you money and helps you to check whether you are doing everything you could to reduce your carbon footprint.

Calculating your Carbon footprint with Julie's Bicycle IG tools

Julie’s Bicycle Creative IG Tools are designed specifically for cultural organisations to calculate their carbon footprint. Sponsored by Arts Council England, Julie’s bicycle can provide you with a free account for this Arts focused tool for calculating your emission impacts. Sign up for your account on the Julie’s Bicycle website Julie’s Bicycle Creative IG Tools

Used by over 1000 arts organisations globally, the IG Tools cover a range of activities and artforms for carbon footprinting. You can also access a wide range of information on the website from case studies to sector specific reports.

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