Guest Blog: The joy of the present and the great unknown of the future

In my first blog I leant into the idea of cycling as a path to joy, freedom and empowerment. Nothing …

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Guest Blog: Ruminations on systems, lives and livelihoods in flux (Part 1)

‘Even in the darkest of times we have the right to expect some illumination’ -Hannah Arendt The artistic project (2018-2020)  …

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Sustainability rising at the Edinburgh summer festivals

What was your highlight of the Edinburgh festivals this August? For me it was the signs that sustainability – which …

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Visiting Leeuwarden-Friesland: a Sustainable European Capital of Culture

An Ecologically Sustainable Capital of Culture Leeuwarden-Friesland began its European Capital of Culture programme in January 2018 and is the …

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Ben’s Strategy Blog: Cultural and Environmental Strategies

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on two strategies that relate to Creative Carbon Scotland’s work: A Culture Strategy for …

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Guest Blog: How can you help create a #SustainableFringe?

The story behind the campaign #SustainableFringe, a new campaign led by Poltergeist Theatre [#SustainableFringe is something Creative Carbon Scotland & …

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Ben’s Strategy Blog: Belfast dispatches on Brexit, theatre and climate change

The conference began with theatre critic and political commentator Fintan O’Toole giving a great keynote address about why and how …

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Guest Blog: Cartoon Capers in Edinburgh

A quirky two minute animation to inspire greater participation in Edinburgh’s natural environment has been produced by Royal Botanic Garden …

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Guest Blog: Theatre and Ecology – A Different View

To think of theatre and ecology, or even theatre and environment, is generally to think of three forms of representation, …

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Guest Blog: Climate Stories Music

Composer, improviser, and sound artist Jason Davis is creating original music pieces which feature excerpts of interviews of residents from …

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