Green Tease report: Re-Imagining the Dunion

‘The beacons bleeze on Dunion tap.’ From the song ‘ Jethart’s Here’ On Tuesday 20 November 2018, 23 of us were …

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Ben’s Strategy blog: How we bring about change – Individuals, Organisations and Structures

That responding to the climate crisis is now part of cultural organisations’ work and practitioners’ thinking isn’t just down to …

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Guest Blog: Picking a battle – How to find the right subject matter

Before I had even properly started my LSO Soundhub piece, I knew that the crucial ingredient in the piece would …

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Guest Blog: Local perspectives on a global phenomenon & global changes in local places (Part III)

Local perspectives on a global phenomenon & global changes in local places – Talking about ‘scales’ and the urgency of …

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Guest Blog: 5 ways to become cycle friendly

There are so many positives about cycling: it keeps us fit and healthy, it reduces stress and supports good mental …

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Ben’s Strategy Blog: Complexity theory, cultural practices and carbon reduction policy  

At about the same time that Creative Carbon Scotland was formed I started work on a part-time PhD at the …

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Guest blog: The Environmental & Economic Effect Of Recycling E-Waste

There is increasing dialogue about what must be done to solve the e-waste problem. Electronics manufacturers, recycling companies and legislative …

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Guest Blog: The joy of the present and the great unknown of the future

In my first blog I leant into the idea of cycling as a path to joy, freedom and empowerment. Nothing …

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Guest Blog: Ruminations on systems, lives and livelihoods in flux (Part 1)

‘Even in the darkest of times we have the right to expect some illumination’ -Hannah Arendt The artistic project (2018-2020)  …

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Sustainability rising at the Edinburgh summer festivals

What was your highlight of the Edinburgh festivals this August? For me it was the signs that sustainability – which …

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