Could you manage Carbon Management?

29th November 2018

Could you take steps to help make the world a better place? Could you manage Carbon Management? Our tools to help you plan ways to help are available for anyone to use, we asked the Creative Scotland Regularly Funded Organisations about their experience of Carbon Management.

We asked those who submitted plans as part of the first year of mandatory Carbon Management Planning for Regularly Funded Organisations in October, to tell us a bit about how they found the process to help us work out what the best next steps are, and give us an idea of how everyone is thinking about making their operations more sustainable.

Carbon Management – How it helps

Graph showing majority thought the structured approach of carbon management was the most positive aspect of carbon management planning, followed by Creative Carbon Scotland's help, that it was easy, that it brought people together. The motivation that the carbon management planning process provided is ranked as the least positive of these five categories.When asked to identify the positive aspects of the Carbon Management Planning process, a common theme that emerged was the opportunity it provided to structure environmental efforts, along with a motivational push to make commitments, and how the process brought people within organisations together. Many people also mentioned finding it easier to create a Carbon Management Plan than they’d initially thought it would be, and highlighted the support Creative Carbon Scotland were able to provide as a positive.

Respondents commented:

“It’s good to have to really work out what is possible”

“It allowed for all levels of project scope”

“Once we started it didn’t seem as hard to achieve as we thought it would be”

We also asked people what they were already doing about climate change, and saw a majority responding that their Carbon Management Plans lined up with actions they were already planning on taking. The overwhelming majority were already taking action in some way, which shows a positive trend across the sector for making a difference on a tangible level. Many of the comments associated with this question commended the Carbon Management Planning process for galvanising efforts and providing a stronger argument for implementing complex measures.

“Making the plan has galvanised our efforts and made us produce our own carbon reduction plan to cover all areas of our work”

“The change of travel habits has an economic impact however there are some logistical complexities and being able to see the environmental impact of this change makes it easier to implement.”

Looking more broadly, we also asked respondents about how ambitious they felt the process was, and were happy to see that most agreed the level of ambition was ‘about right’. Of those respondents who didn’t agree with this, more thought the arts community should be more ambitious than thought it was too ambitious, showing a willingness to engage further.

Next Steps

Now we’ve received the vast majority of Carbon Management Plans requested, we’re working on providing more detailed feedback where it will be most helpful in supporting organisations to implement their plans. We’re reviewing our current provision of online tools and resources on to usefully update them based on feedback, and will be producing a ‘Carbon Management 2018-21: Who’s Doing What?’ resource to help build peer support across the Scottish arts community.

If you have any questions about Carbon Management, whether or not you’re from a Regularly Funded Organisation who’s been part of the Carbon Management Planning process, you can read the Carbon Management FAQs, use the Carbon Management Tools and Resources or contact

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