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Adaptation Strategies Workshop for Cultural Managers

Cultural Adaptations Workshop: Adaptation Strategies for Cultural Managers + Partner logos

Cultural Adaptations logo and partner organisations

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What is it all about?

Increased flooding, more powerful storms, more intense droughts, rising sea levels and heatwaves are all impacts of the climate changes which will affect our lives, and which demand our response. How must our culture adapt, be part of making a society that is responding to our changing present, and create a positive future?

We are inviting Green Champions and managers of cultural organisations in the Glasgow City Region, to participate in this focused and practical workshop, preparing for climate change, and helping to shape future support and resources for the cultural sector. The workshop is part of our Creative Europe project ‘Cultural Adaptations’, it forms part of a larger transnational meeting, with partners from Ireland, Belgium and Sweden learning and sharing innovative cultural approaches to climate change.

What will I get?

Attend the workshop to:

  • Understand the impacts that climate change is already having on the 8 local authorities that make up the Glasgow City Region, and the implications for cultural venues, offices and activities. Is ‘Beast from the East’ going to happen every winter? Should we plan more outdoor events for summer heatwaves?
  • Learn what support and advice is already available to help, and how it works. Adaptation Scotland have guides and checklists to support businesses adapt to climate change – get taught how to use them to improve your organisation’s preparedness.
  • Shape what useful resources for the cultural sector (large, small and micro organisations) should include, and how they can be accessible. We’re creating new resources and a toolkit for European cultural organisations to plan for the impacts of climate change – we need your help and insight!
  • Take-home tips for how to make your organisation more resilient to climate change impacts, and what you could do in the future to adapt to the coming changes. Small things and big things that will protect your work.

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Who will be there?

The workshop will be led by members of the Creative Carbon Scotland team, as well as Kit England, director of Climate Ready Clyde, but will also have participants from our international partner countries, and experts in adaptation from the cities of Dublin, Ghent and Gothenburg. We are inviting a cross-section of cultural organisations from the Glasgow City Region – with a mix of different art forms, sizes, funding models and levels of experience of tackling environmental issues in their work.

What is Cultural Adaptations?

Cultural Adaptations, a project co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, seeks to find creative, innovative and place-based responses to climate change impacts, equipping cultural organisations and cities with the knowledge and skills they need to create a positive future.

Led by Creative Carbon Scotland and running from October 2018 to March 2021, the project involves leading cultural organisations in Glasgow, Ghent, Gothenburg and Dublin working with local municipal sustainability partners to host transnational knowledge-sharing, drive change by embedding artists in strategic processes, co-create advice for adapting to climate predictions, and develop resources to widen the impact of the project and enable replication.

Each Cultural Partner is working with a local Adaptation Partner on the project:

  • Creative Carbon Scotland is working with Sniffer and the Climate Ready Clyde Project;
  • Axis (Ireland) is working with Codema, Dublin’s regional energy agency;
  • Greentrack Gent (Belgium) with the City of Ghent local authority; and
  • TILLT (Sweden) with the City of Gothenburg local authority.

There are a number of activities that will take place to explore different aspects of the project. As part of this, each country pair will develop a methodology for managers of local cultural SMEs to enable them to develop and implement climate change adaptation strategies!

How can I stay involved?

  • Subscribe to project updates. We will be providing regular project updates, including notice of further meetings, events and opportunities, through our website and mailing list.

Please get in touch with Catriona at if you have any questions, if you want to discuss whether it is appropriate for you to attend, or if you want to know more about the wider project.


March 19
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Creative Carbon Scotland


25 Albert Drive
Glasgow , G41 2PE
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