Glasgow’s Green: Reflections and thoughts from GALA partners and participants

6th April 2015

Glasgow's Green: Green Art Lab Alliance

The third Green Art Lab Alliance general meeting took place in Glasgow on 12th-14th March 2015. The first two days of the event brought GALA partners together to discuss the project's progress internally and to engage with stakeholders and representatives from Glasgow's cultural institutions.

The third day of the GALA 2015 general meeting opened to the public for Glasgow’s Green: Imagining a sustainable city, a day of artist-led workshops and discussions, all of which embraced the green arts community of practice and investigated the potential of the arts to influence a more sustainable future.

We have collected thoughts from the event organisers, GALA partners and artists involved with Glasgow’s Green, asking for responses to the following questions-

What role do you think the arts and artists can play in building a more sustainable society? What is the significance of GALA and Glasgow’s Green to you and how has the project contributed to your work? What does a sustainable city look like to you?

Ben Twist (Creative Carbon Scotland)

“We’re going to have to become more sustainable, and the arts need to be at the centre of that to explain it to us, to help us imagine different futures and to help shape society”

Catrin Evans (Artist, A Moment’s Peace)

“For me (arts and sustainability) is about investigating the themes; what does engaging with sustainability mean for people in the city and how creative they can be”

Clem Sandison (Artist, Open Jar Collective)

“Artists can approach topics in a way that maybe other people don’t”

Gaetano Carboni (Pollinaria)

“A good merging between urban and rural identity can help in shaping a more sustainable city”

Harry Giles (Artist)

“Art and culture is ‘the place’ where people come together to explore what they want from the world”

Jean Cameron (Glasgow Life)

“Because of the creative nature of different artistic practices, it’s not hitting people over the head with messages, it’s bringing people in and encouraging people to think and reflect”

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