#GreenArts Day

#GreenArts Day 2020: Save the Date!

#GreenArts Day 2020 will take place on Wednesday 18th March from 10am across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

What is #GreenArts Day?

Since 2018, Creative Carbon Scotland has hosted #GreenArts Day – a digital event to explore and celebrate the work of the community, and share with their audience members and national and international industry peers. #GreenArts Day is an annual event but #GreenArts is year round on TwitterInstagram and Facebook, and everyone is encouraged to share their green work through using the #GreenArts hashtag.

#GreenArts Day is part of the programme of the Green Arts Initiative community. Find out more about our conference, community and how to get involved.

What can you expect from #Green Arts Day?

  • Inspiration and community Member organisations of the Green Arts Initiative will be posting about their work on social media, celebrating their achievements and sharing their plans for the future.
  • The Launch of the Green Arts Initiative Annual Report This report synthesises our members annual reporting on the actions they’ve taken, and the ambitions they have for their environmental sustainability efforts. We’ll be live publishing the 2019-20 report as part of #GreenArts Day, sharing their wealth of experience and insight.
  • Examples of Green Arts projects We will release new detailed case studies about work that has been done by members of the Green Arts Initiative this year, adding up to date projects to our already extensive catalogue of case studies.
  • Announcements and News #GreenArts Day is a great moment to announce new initiatives to achieve even more ambition in creating a better, more sustainable Scotland (and world). Tune in to catch announcements from Green Arts Initiative members or others.
  • Questions to prompt your own green arts thinking Over the course of the day, we’ll also be posing key questions that the Green Arts community is working on, challenging the cultural sector and those participating in it to develop the ideas which underpin all our efforts towards a sustainable Scottish cultural sector.

How can you get involved?

  • Tweet or retweet using the hashtag #GreenArts on Twitter, or post on Instagram or Facebook. Tweet or post:
    • about the role of arts and culture in addressing environmental issues
    • about what you or your organisation has done this year
    • photos or images of performances, projects, your Green Arts Initiative sticker, your Green Team
  • Follow Creative Carbon Scotland on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.
  • Spread the word to your friends, colleagues, and audiences about #GreenArts Day, put on an event or a #GreenArts Day party!

And if you are a Green Arts Initiative member:

  • Share with us what you’ve been doing this year. We’re particularly keen to hear about case studies or receive photos.
  • Involve the rest of your team. Use #GreenArts Day as an excuse to engage other members of staff in the important work you are doing.
  • Let your audiences know that it’s #GreenArts Day. Integrate it into your programming. Hold a talk or discussion.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, plans, or questions you want to share, please get in touch with lewis.coenen-rowe@creativecarbonscotland.


Examples, Insights and Learning from #GreenArts Day 2019

The community's 2018/19 Green Arts Initiative Annual Report was launched

#GreenArts Day 2019 - How are YOU celebrating the creative community going green?The Green Arts Community is made up of over 220 cultural organisations in Scotland undertaking fantastic work on environmental sustainability.

Each year, members share the activities, plans, efforts, events and engagement they’ve undertaken on the subject, with their feedback forming the basis of the annual Green Arts Initiative Report.

This year, we focused on sharing the stories around the different initiatives individual organisations had designed and undertaken themselves – from reducing water waste, to redesigning how they tour productions.

We also highlighted the challenges that the Scottish cultural community identifies as the barriers to growing their green work, and how the Green Arts Initiative can support organisations going forward.

Read the report!

New, in-depth case studies from Green Arts Initiative members were published

Sharing stories of success and struggles are a key way through which we can can communicate and learn about how the cultural sector is taking on climate change and sustainability

We launched a series of diverse case studies, written by members, for members on #GreenArts Day:

Take a look at all our case studies. At Creative Carbon Scotland, we’re keen to share the great green work of Scotland’s cultural community as much as we can – co-creating and hosting case studies, or helping to share those which exist on organisation’s own websites. Get in touch with catriona.patterson@creativecarbonscotland.com to talk about how we can help.

Participation and Statistics from the #GreenArts Community

At Creative Carbon Scotland, we’re aware that with lots of other messages, news and opportunities to share through communications channels, it can be difficult for members of the Green Arts Initiative to find the right opportunity to share their green work.

By organising and supporting a single point of focus in #GreenArts Day, we hope that we can compound the impact of individual cultural organisations talking about environmental sustainability, grow the connections and sustainability collaborations between cultural organisations, and highlight the great work of the sector to those in the ‘sustainability world’.

Some rough statistics for #GreenArts Day 2019:

  • Over 325 mentions of #GreenArts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on the day itself
  • A reach of over 500,000 accounts
  • Creative Carbon Scotland’s most popular tweet reached over 35,000 people:


Best-in-Class Examples from the Community


Twitter is the primary social medium through which members participated in #GreenArts Day, and how they tend to communicate their green arts work throughout the year.

From photos of recycling spaces, images and videos of climate change-themed programming, organisations sharing the specific ways through which they are taking on environmental sustainability were most effective.

This Twitter ‘moment‘ collects other examples of the activity that took place over the day: there were lots of highlights throughout!

The visual-led medium provides a great opportunity to showcase buildings, surrounding environment, or the more aesthetically-pleasing aspects of different activities.

Lots of our members shouted about their participation in the community via Instagram, adding the Green Arts Initiative logo to images of their buildings or activities.


Although less popular among the majority of our sector-facing Green Arts audience, Facebook is a great medium for reaching out to members of the public for those with a greater community-focus.

Reflections on #GreenArts Day 2019 and Top Tips for Future #GreenArts

From the extent of the activity and the topics discussed on #GreenArts Day it’s clear that the cultural sector is going beyond quick wins to look at how sustainability can be embedded in operations and artistic programming.

At Creative Carbon Scotland, we’re keen for #GreenArts to be celebrated year-round, and become the regular way through which the sector connects around their shared green ambitions.

Whether preparing for the next #GreenArts day, or tweeting for the first time about green arts work, here are some top tips:

  • Take a look at #GreenArts on the social media platform of your choice – see what is already out there, what does well, and get some ideas!
  • Use video, GIFs and images to increase engagement with your social media posts – there’s lots of evidence that people are more likely to click on posts that have some form of media.
  • Make sure you add image descriptions to ensure your posts are accessible to all social media users.
  • Connect with other organisations, themes or campaigns aligned with your work (such as #EarthHour or @ScotGovClimate), and see what relevant awareness days and weeks are happening.
  • Tag @CCScotland in the text or image!

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