Green Tease Online Meetups

Green Tease Online Meetups

These online meetups are a chance to get together and discuss current issues for the role of arts and creativity in climate and environmental action. Open to anyone, they are an informal space for debate, sharing ideas, and making connections. Each meetup has its own loose theme announced in advance.

You can participate from anywhere as long as you have internet connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet to access from. You can sign up for to attend the next meetup and read about past meetups below.

Wednesday 12th August, 7-8:30pm: ‘What are the best ways for artists and environmentalists to work together? And what can we achieve?’

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Thursday 16th July, 7-8:30pm: ‘Climate Change and (Anti-) Racism’

In this meetup we discussed intersections between racism and climate change, where these apply to arts and culture, and the steps that people working in arts and culture can take to tackle these interconnected issues. The google slides used during the meetup, including notes and links to resources mentioned in the call are accessible here.

Tuesday 16th June, 7-8:30pm: ‘What might the response to coronavirus teach us about how to respond to climate change?’

In this meetup we started with a poetry reading that led us into a discussion of our personal experiences of how our society has responded to coronavirus and the implications this might have for climate action, either directly or through the lessons we’ve learned and can apply in the future. The google slides used during the meetup, including notes from our discussion are accessible here. 

Monday 11th May, 7-8:30pm: ‘What can the role of art and culture be in crises and emergencies?’

In this meetup we shared our thoughts on what we felt art could offer in a crisis, discussed some artistic responses to the AIDS crisis and what we might learn from them, and considered the similarities and differences between the coronavirus and climate crises. The google slides used during the meetup, including notes and links to resources mentioned in the call are accessible here.

Wednesday 15th April, 6-7pm: ‘How can we use online tools as a device to engage people on climate change?’

In this meetup we discussed how, during physical distancing measures we can continue to use online methods as part of our green work, discussing what our plans were, what the barriers were and how we can help each other out. You can read the google slides used for note-taking during the meetup here.

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