Green Tease Reflections: MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS

10th August 2020

Manifestos from times of Crisis. Image: Rosanna Irvine.

28th-30th July 2020. MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS is a participatory public art work by artist Rosanna Irvine in which groups of people connect across distances and differences to come up with their own collective MANIFESTO. It operates through consensual modes of group decision-making. Green Tease hosted three events in late July 2020, gathering people working in the arts and environmentalism across Scotland and beyond to think together and to write manifestos expressing the kind of world they want to be living in.

At this critical juncture, we need to think about how the disruption wrought by coronavirus is going to influence our world in the longer term. Is this a chance to bring about a ‘just and green recovery’ that will allow us to more effectively tackle climate change or will injustice and damage to our environment turn out to be yet another negative result of the pandemic?

These sessions provided an opportunity to step back from the everyday and think about the kind of world we really want to inhabit through the medium of producing manifestos. As we are beginning to inch out of the covid lockdown, Rosanna invited participants to consider:

  • What kind of a world are we inching into?
  • What kind of a world do we want?

Run entirely online, the events involved a process of consensus building where participants first stated their individual perspectives and concerns then split into groups to come up with ideas for statements that could be included in the MANIFESTO. Finally the group as a whole engaged in a process of prioritising, synthesising and modifying the proposed statements to arrive at the final version and final form of their MANIFESTO.

These events provided an opportunity for re-centring, potentially building momentum towards understanding the kinds of actions participants could go on to take towards producing the world mapped out by their manifesto. They also provided a chance to think about the process of building consensus, something that is essential if we are to bring about change beyond a purely individual level.

You can read the MANIFESTOS below. They will also be made available, alongside others, on the project website that will go live in early September. See this link for updates on the project.

Session 1

Session 2

Green Tease Reflections: MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS 1

Session 3


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