#GreenArts Day 2020: Live Updates

18th March 2020

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#GreenArts day is the annual online celebration of green arts and culture across Scotland. Each year we spend the day promoting the achievements of Green Arts Initiative members, release the annual report and make available new case studies on work being done by members of the initiative.

Green arts day is now over for this year, but scroll down to get some highlights of what happened during the day.

#GreenArts Day

Head to our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to see what’s going on and join the discussion by posting with the hashtag #GreenArts and tagging us. Have you done anything in the past year that you’re particularly proud of? What is the role of arts and culture in creating a more sustainable Scotland?

Stay tuned for live updates on the day here.

Act 1: The Green Arts Initiative

We released our annual report and celebrated the fantastic work being done by the over 200 members of the Green Arts Initiative. Find out more.

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Act 2: Scotland’s Environmental Organisations

We celebrated connections with green, sustainability, and environmental organisations across Scotland and beyond. Read about our partnership with Good Energy or visit the Library of Creative Sustainability.

Act 3: Climate Justice

We believe that tackling the climate emergency is a matter of justice, with the responsibility for and repercussions of climate change being extremely unequally distributed . We believe that arts and culture can play an important tole in embodying and promoting climate justice. Read about a recent Climate Justice Discussion we hosted, or read more about climate justice.


Have a read of our six new case studies on work being done by Green Arts Initiative members, released today.

Act 4: Adaptation Hour

It’s not just about taking action to limit climate change. We know that things are already changing and not everything can be stopped, so we also need to start adapting. Visit the Cultural Adaptations Website for loads more advice on this.

Act 5: Looking Ahead

Green Arts Initiative members are full of plans for the future, most importantly thinking about how we can take advantage of the COP26 climate talks coming to Glasgow in November 2020. Read a summary of a discussion event we hosted about this.


#GreenArts Day 2020: Live Updates 5Green Arts Initiative Annual Report 2019

Have a read of the newly released annual report.

It gives information about Green Arts Initiative members as well as a thorough survey of what work has taken place over the last year and what members of the initiative are planning for the coming year. Learn what members think are the biggest issues to tackle and how to overcome these challenges. Get information about the make up of the initiative and where members are based. Get inspiration from specific examples and get a sense of overall trends.



Thanks to Boon Studio for this beautiful design work.

#GreenArts Day 2020: Live Updates    #GreenArts Day 2020: Live Updates 1

Case Studies

Read case studies from members of the Green Arts Initiative giving detailed information on work they have undertaken in the last year.

Case Study: Start the Change with Highland One World's Change Makers 3 Highland One World offer insights from their work with local youth groups on creative ways of building understanding of climate refugees.
Fife Contemporary’s ‘Climate Emergency in Practice’ Day Fife Contemporary report on their Climate Emergency Day for artists to discuss how to green their work and offer feedback to the Scottish Government.
Auto Draft 35 NEAT Shows discuss their paternship in a plastic-themed community film screening and raffle.
Auto Draft 30 Olive Pearson relates how she embedded zero waste principles into her craft.
Case Study: EcoSanta, Ecologisers' concept-based ten year project Ecologisers lead us through their creative ‘Eco-Santa’ anti-littering campaign for children.
Case Study: Nevis Ensemble and 'Green Nevis' 2 Nevis Ensemble detail their approach to green touring and how they get the whole team engaged in sustainable practice.


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