#GreenFests: Top Ten Things to See in Edinburgh this Week

5th August 2016

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is officially starting today! Some people might already be resenting the crowds just as others have been looking forward to the swirl of colourful bustle for weeks. But one thing is certain: There's no other place with such a variety of a cultural programme, in fact, the choice can be overwhelming. So we have done the hard work for you.

Creative Carbon Scotland has been scouring the Fringe programme for the best shows about sustainability to present to you. Every week we pick 10 of the most exciting and creative productions that we have found, from theatre to exhibitions, talks to dance, that are not be missed!

Also keep an eye out for the shortlist for the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award, which will be released on 12 August right here on our website.


  1. Faslane

Political drama on nuclear power

“Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde, or Faslane, situated 40 milesFaslane outside Glasgow, is home to the UK’s nuclear missile program: Trident. With family having worked in Faslane all her life, and with friends protesting at the gates, Fringe First-winner Jenna Watt explores what happens when the personal and political collide. Drawing upon interviews with individuals at the front line of the nuclear debate, Jenna navigates her own journey through the politics, protests and peace camps.”


2. Counting Sheep

Political musical theatre

“A rousing call to arms by a 15-piece guerrilla-folk punk band. countingsheepBolstered by first-hand footage from behind the barricades, Counting Sheep invites you to lose yourself in the events that changed the course of Ukraine’s history. Sing, march, protest, dance, eat, recoil, laugh, cry – experience the revolution on the main floor, including food, or from the balcony seats above. Sung in traditional Ukrainian polyphony, this is an electrifying exploration of human resilience and immersive theatre at its best.”


3. Labels

Performance art on society and politics

 labels“The internationally acclaimed story of migration, family and prejudice returns to Edinburgh! Navigating a childhood in 90s England, a cacophony of right-wing rhetoric and a global refugee crisis, this honest, human tale of multicultural Britain is not to be missed. Expect paper planes, racist romances and lots of sticky labels!”

4. The Low Down Dusty Blues

Music and theatre about the effects of environmental change

“The American Dust Bowl of the 1930s was not the only force The Lowdown Dusty Bluesof nature that ripped families apart. Set in Okemah, Oklahoma, birth place of Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl blues, The Low Down Dusty Blues looks at how a typical American family disintegrated from the inside and the fallout afterward.”


5. Ribbet Ribbet Croak

Multi-sensory experience for families

“Join Grandma and Grandpa Frog as they leave the pond to planRibbet Ribbet Croak a big surprise. You can also help them keep an eye out for their cheeky grandfrogs, who pop up in unexpected places along the way! Featuring puppetry, songs and plenty of audience interaction, Ribbet Ribbet Croak is a multisensory playful exploration of life as frog. Ribbet Ribbet Croak is suitable for PMLD and ASD family audiences and groups.”


6. JunNk

Comedy and Music on recycled insturments

 “JunNkA dynamic and original variety show where four guys use nothing but junk to create a unique world of music, comedy and pure entertainment. Combining a cappella singing, captivating percussion and innovative music creations, JunNk is a hilarious and lively show that’s fun for all the family. Fans of STOMP and Blue Man Group, say hello to your new favourite show!”


7. Beached

Exhibition inspired by waste

Beached“Liz returns, exploring the sea’s edge through legend, environment and flotsam’s intrigues. Mediums include bronze, ceramic and papier-mâché. Come beach-combing and find porcelain treasures from Liz’s workshop! Returning too, working in the installation, is poet-in-residence Dawn Gorman. Also back, storyteller Francis Maxey, with The Ship of Dreams, tales of loss and redemption. Come ashore for sundowners with Liz and chat about the work most days. To find exactly when you will find Liz, Dawn or Francis in the installation contact gallery or Liz’s website: www.lizwatts.co.uk/beached-edinburgh-festival-fringe.”


8. One Day Moko

Solo show about homelessness and society

“Life’s never a dull moment when you live one day at a time. One Day MokoMeet Moko. Urban cowboy. Drifter. Thinker. His life fits into a single trolley. Moko wants to meet you. Come spend some time with him. Inspired by real encounters with people living on the streets, One Day Moko investigates how rebellion, opportunity and routine shape our everyday lives. One performer builds a city from a suitcase of worldly possessions. Take a tour and discover Moko’s haunts and secret places. Wake up and smell the baked beans.”


9. Keep the Kids Out!

Talk on urban landscapes and science

“When they go out at all, they terrorise our streets and are Keep the Kids Outa nuisance in our neighbourhoods. Are children an environmental threat? Or should we be adapting our environments to suit them? How about closing our city streets so children can play out like they used to? PhD researcher Jenny Wood and community engagement charity PAS will encourage you to look again at our urban landscapes and what they say about children. Is there anything you’d change? Or should we avoid making our cities too child-centric? Come and help keep the kids out(side)!”


10. Acting Alone

Political storytelling

“Acting Alone is inspired by the people Ava met in refugee campsActing Alone in Palestine. In her unique performance style, Ava weaves together stories of immense complexity and fragile humanity with tales of her often funny and occasionally bizarre experiences of working as an actor and performing alone. Heartbreaking, witty and confronting, Acting Alone asks questions of us all – can one person make a difference? And what are we willing to risk?”




What sustainable Fringe shows are you seeing this week? Let us know on twitter with the hashtag #GreenFests!

Top Image Credit: Laura Suarez on flickr

Show Descriptions courtesy of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Website

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