5 Steps for Regular Use

1. Enter your weekly meter readings

  • If your organisation is responsible for paying your bills, record your electricity and gas readings on a weekly basis.
  • You can find guides on how to measure your energy and water usage in the Data Gathering list.


2. Don’t get overwhelmed

  • To familiarise yourself with the of using GAP pick a simple action such as ‘Introduce a Power Down Policy’ in the Top 10 action list and work through reading about and introducing the action using the available resources.
  • If something isn’t clear or you need more information leave a question in the comments box or contact Fiona MacLennan at fiona.maclennan@creativecarbonscotland.com

The top ten action list is available under the ‘What next’ heading GAP What Next?

3. Tick off any actions you have completed or are planning to do

  • Once you’ve done this, write in the comments box any tips you have for other individuals or organisations to encourage the spreading of best practice.

4. Look through the Top Ten action list for any quick wins you are yet to complete

5. Input any data you are gathering on your environmental impacts

  • This could include energy, water, waste or travel. For example, if you are a touring company you might want to gather data on travel and enter it into claimexpenses on a per tour basis. Check out our Tools and Gathering Data page for more information on available tools.


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