What are Actions?

Actions are how-to guides which sit under each Action List. Each action comes with a brief description of what it means followed by a description of how to implement it.


Actions come complete with scores (marked on level of importance and difficulty) to help you identify the easiest actions to get started on.

Tracking your progress

The green bars to the right of each Action List indicate your progress. This feeds into your overall progress at the top of your profile page. Once you have completed a list you receive a shiny (virtual) badge!

Planning actions

Another way to keep you on track is to use the ‘Plan to do’ tab which sits within each action. This allows you to set yourself dates for completion of particular actions and can help you to plan your green work over a longer period of time. Once you’ve planned to do an action you will receive automatic reminders leading up to the planned date of completion. GAP - Plan to do

Done it!

Once you’ve completed an action click Done it! once you’ve done this you will see a comments box which we’d love for you to use and share your experience with others – whether you found this action easy or difficult, what you would recommend to others etc.


Below each Action also sits a list of related resources including case studies of actions taken by other artists or organisations, guides and readings.

Connecting with others

Our ambition is for GAP to be a hub for artists and arts organisations working across Scotland to reduce your environmental impact through the spreading of knowledge and best practice. Once signed into GAP you will see a bar on the right-hand side of the dashboard which displays the most recent actions others have taken, encouraging you to do the same. Under each action comments boxes are available for you to let others know how you went about introducing this action into your practice or organization, what successes you’ve had or what difficulties you’re coming up against. You can see what others are doing on GAP down the right hand side of your dashboard GAP - What are others doing?

Bi-weekly reminders

To help you get the most out the Action Lists we will send you a fortnightly reminder of a few actions we think you could take and to ask how you are getting on with any actions you have planned to do.

Using the Action Lists

There is no right or wrong way of using the Actions Lists. They can be used as regularly as you like to sign off actions you have completed or plan to do or to consult the resources and links attached to each action.

Getting Started

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information in the Action Lists. Here are some simple steps to getting started:

1. Sign off any actions you are already doing.

2. Take a look at the Top Ten action list. These actions are quick wins to help you get going (some of these are more geared towards organisations rather than individuals).

3. Look through the actions and think about what planning you need to do to introduce a few simple actions into your practice or organisation.

For example, which other members of staff need to be involved? How could you communicate this action with audiences and suppliers? How will you overcome the potential challenges of introducing this action in your organization?

The top ten action list is available under the ‘What next?’ heading

GAP What Next?

4. Organisations can have multiple users on GAP so encourage other colleagues to sign up and work together. Making the most the different colleagues’ knowledge and expertise and setting yourselves some manageable targets will increase progress.

You can make use of the ‘Plan to do’ tool and set yourselves internal targets for completing actions.

The ‘Plan to do’ tab sits next to the ‘Done it’ tab in within each action

GAP - Plan to do

5. Spread best practice and let others know what you are working on, what successes you’ve had and what difficulties you have experienced through the comments boxes under each action.

6. Don’t get stuck on an action. If something isn’t clear or you need more information leave a question in the comments box or contact Creative Carbon Scotland at fiona.maclennan@creativecarbonscotland.com. Then move on to another action.

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