In Conversation with the Planet

11th October 2021

Stitched Stories & Wellbeing - in conversation with the planet.

In May 2021 Stitched Stories & Wellbeing responded to a call from Season for Change to use our creative voices to declare our commitment to the environment ahead of COP26. A group of members began stitching a conversation between themselves and the planet. Using the subject of wellbeing, members reflected on how intrinsically linked our own wellbeing is with that of the planet. The aim was to reflect that conversation in a stitched panel which we would all stitch slowly during the summer.

There is a worldwide slow-stitching movement that affirms that stitching slowly and mindfully is very good for our health so this approach seemed to fit the brief well. Each member of the group reflected on what they wanted to say using the language of stitch and work got underway. This was a challenging narrative to work with so we supported each other with monthly zoom catch-ups and a Facebook group where we could share work-in-progress.

On Sunday 10th October we opened our work up to the world via a virtual gallery on our project website –

During the summer these stitched panels had become part of the fibre of our being and we were pleased to share them alongside a free downloadable e-book that places the project in its widest context. We hope that you might visit the exhibition and ‘read’ the conversations for yourself and reflect on what your conversation with the planet might look like.

Ahead of COP26 we hope our voices will be heard as we stand alongside other creative voices. Great change is needed. The world is watching and the time is now.

Stitched Stories & Wellbeing is a community stitching project with over two thousand members worldwide. It began life on the Isle of Arran with the intention of stitching a postcard a week for a year. The pandemic provoked a huge explosion of the project as people sought ways to help them get through this challenging time. The project now runs a number of stitching projects, a learning space and a store. It is completely self funded. New members are always welcome.

Fiona Doubleday
Founder, Stitched Stories
Member of Creative Carbon Scotland

Visit the Stitched Stories website or see the posts on Facebook and Instagram.

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