Irish Green Arts Initiative launched

13th June 2019

A new initiative has been launched to support the arts & cultural sector in Ireland to play its role in tackling the climate emergency, inspired by the pioneering work of the Scottish sector.

Creative Carbon Scotland is delighted to be working with Theatre Forum to launch the Green Arts Initiative in Ireland, to build an interactive community of Irish arts & cultural organisations playing their role in dealing with the climate emergency.

Green Arts goes international

The Green Arts Initiative in Ireland will benefit from the experience Creative Carbon Scotland have gained from creating and running the Green Arts Initiative, founded in 2013 with Festivals Edinburgh, which now boasts over 225 members. Green Arts Initiative members in Scotland come from across all art forms and scales including Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The National Galleries of Scotland, Scottish Ballet and a wide geographical spread including Atlas Arts on Skye, Pier Arts Centre on Orkney and Gaada projects on Shetland.

Scotland is seen globally as a leader on climate action and we’re thrilled that the pioneering work of our arts & cultural sector helping to inform work in other countries on the global effort that is tackling the climate crisis. The development of a strong Green Arts community in Scotland has benefited greatly from Creative Scotland – the national public body for supporting the arts – seeing the need to integrate carbon reporting and more recently carbon management into its funding requirements.

The Green Arts Initiative in Ireland is being launched today as part of the Theatre Forum’s Conference 2019. Theatre Forum have been using the event to encourage environmental action from all attendees, encouraging them to:

  • Car pool or use public transport to come to the conference.
  • Bring keep cups to use on the way and at the conference (all attendees were supplied with a free one last year!).
  • Test drive an electric car at the conference.
  • Attend a session at the conference on Climate Action

Join the Green Arts Initiative in Ireland

If you’re based in Ireland, you work or volunteer in the arts and you’re keen to join others in the arts in dealing with the climate emergency, visit to join the Green Arts Initiative in Ireland, find resources, contacts and more, all specific to Ireland.

Join the Green Arts Initiative in Ireland

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