The Green Arts Conference

Key speakers, interactive workshops, a networked community of #GreenArts practice and sustainable event design: come to the conference for Scotland’s sustainable cultural community.

Organised by Creative Carbon Scotland, the Green Arts Conference showcases how and why Scotland’s cultural sector is responding to the climate and environmental crisis. Through exciting speakersinteractive workshops and community networking it provides a rare opportunity to share the innovative steps being taken to reduce the environmental impact of the arts and understand their crucial role in creating a more sustainable Scotland.  Tickets for the 2019 conference are now sold out.

The programme has now been launched and can be viewed here

Why attend? 

The past year has seen a huge upsurge in the awareness of climate change as the defining issue of our era. From declarations of climate emergency by local and central government to massive protests, marches, and occupations by members of the public, the climate crisis has consistently grabbed headlines. This year has also shown how we are already feeling the effects of climate change through extreme weather events, heatwaves, and wildfires.

This wider societal shift demands a response, and leadership, from arts and culture. We need to know how to engage with environmental issues both in terms of the work we produce and how we produce that work. The Green Arts Conference provides the opportunity to gain new insights, grapple with issues, and develop partnerships to make this a reality.

Who should attend? 

‘A fun, informal gathering of passionate sustainability experts and actioners. Expect to leave inspired, equipped and surprisingly satisfied with vegan desserts.’ –  2018 conference attendee

The Green Arts Conference is aimed primarily at those working in the cultural sector across all art forms and in a variety of roles. The conference has plenty to offer whether you run a whole Green Team or are new to the issues being discussed. We particularly encourage those whose work involves programming, facilities management, marketing, administration, and development to attend.

We also welcome those looking to learn more about how the cultural sector is tackling climate change, want to form collaborations with the green arts network, or want to make use of the ways that the arts can contribute to promoting and developing sustainability.

Take a look at our attendee map to see who is coming.


‘The variety of speakers across the day felt like each session was diverse and valuable.’ – 2018 conference attendee

This year’s conference will focus on climate justice, the climate emergency, and adaptationWe will be looking at how climate change connects to issues of equality and access, as well as implications of climate change impacts and how the arts can contribute to this area.The programme is now live and can be viewed here

Green Stallholders 

The conference also plays host to a range of stallholders representing businesses and organisations that provide useful services for reducing the environmental impact of the arts and culture sector. Find out more about this year’s stallholders here.


This year’s conference will be taking place at Central Hall, Edinburgh. You can find more information about the venue here.

Participation Bursaries

This year, we have identified a small fund to support those who may find it difficult to attend our conference as a result of distance (more than 50 miles from the event venue) or personal circumstances such as caring responsibilities with up to £50 available towards supporting their participation. If you would like assistance to enable your participation in the 2019 Green Arts Conference, please request a bursary on our website.

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With a specific ‘spotlight’ on the knowledge, learning and skills that Green Champions and their cultural sector colleagues need in their roles, the conferences are a mix of plenary talks, interactive workshops and facilitated networking, all with the aim of growing internal confidence and external prominence of the work of the sector.

Read the conference reports below

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