As part of our efforts to reduce waste at the Green Arts Conference, we do not provide attendees with a printed version of the programme, instead providing all information through digital means and some large-scale versions of the timetable on the day.

For parallel sessions, we encourage all attendees to register for which sessions they want to attend in advance of the conference here.

You can download a PDF version of the programme or timetable here, for accessing offline.

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10am - 10.30am Registration

Attendees will be able to pick up their name badge and session registration reminders, along with a welcome cup of tea or coffee. Those who have not registered for their sessions will be able to select from the remaining spaces.

10.30am - 11am Welcome and Icebreaker

Catriona Patterson, Green Arts Manager, Creative Carbon Scotland

Catriona will provide a welcome address to the conference, outlining the aims and opportunities the day covers. Delegates will also have the chance to meet and speak to other attendees.

11am - 11.30am Morning Plenary - image

11am - 11.30am Morning Plenary

‘Art for Art’s Sake is the Philosophy of the Well-fed’: Creativity in our times.

Simon Gall, Independent Artist

In these unprecedented times, and in order to challenge those wish to maintain the status quo, we need populations that are intensely alive, confident, and pushing for change. The cultural sector has much to contribute here and must play its part in bringing about the necessary behavioural and structural changes required to create a fairer, more sustainable world. To do this will involve asking some difficult questions of ourselves and reevaluating basic philosophies underpinning our work. Musician Simon Gall draws from his experiences working in community settings with diverse groups.

11.30am - 12noon Morning Break

Tea and Coffee will be served at the back of the Auditorium. Attendees are encouraged to continue conversations from earlier sessions and meet participating sustainable suppliers and support organisations.

12noon - 1pm Knowledge Sharing Sessions - image

12noon - 1pm Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Attendees are able to select from one of four sessions to participate in:

Panel: Equal, Diverse, Inclusive and … Green?

Sheila Capewell, Travelling Gallery, and Callum Madge, Birds of Paradise Theatre.

How do we reduce the environmental impact of our work, whilst increasing access to culture? This exploratory discussion shares experiences in the intersection between tackling climate change and reducing barriers to creative and cultural participation for all.

Presentation: Carbon Management in the Cultural Sector: Going to Plan?

Fiona MacLennan and Caro Overy, Creative Carbon Scotland

2019 is the 2nd year of Carbon Management Planning for Regularly Funded Organisations. Now with one year of experiences and learnings gained, we share how the 2018/19 plans went, what has changed, and how to scale our efforts in a time of climate emergency.

Show and Tell: Practical Green Arts

Jaci Stewart, Dundee Repertory Theatre, Mike Adkins, An Lanntair, and Joss Allen, Deveron Arts

Green Arts Members are reducing the negative environmental impact of their work in myriad ways: improving physical cultural spaces, involving staff and audiences in their sustainability efforts, and ambitiously exploring the nature of their organisations. In this ‘Show and Tell’ sharing session, members from across Scotland share their current progress and learning.

  • Jaci Stewart – Cycling for a Greener Future
  • Mike Adkins – Walking Across Lewis: Fundraising for Sustainability
  • Joss Allen – Can We Be Carbon Neutral?

Show and Tell: Green Arts Programming

Rebecca Jones, PhD researcher University of Strathclyde, Christopher Glasgow, Cryptic, and Nat Taylor, Extinction Rebellion

Conceptual and artistic responses to our climate crisis and environmental change are growing in number and variety within the Green Arts community. In this ‘Show and Tell’ sharing session, examples from literature, protest and installation show how culture can help explore and shift perspectives on issues of climate change.

  • Rebecca Jones – Novel Narratives: Speaking and Hearing with Ecofeminist (Science) Fiction
  •  Natalie Taylor and Lucy Byford – Extinction Rebellion: A Cultural Response
  • Christopher Glasgow – Inspired by the Flow Country: Below the Blanket

1pm - 2pm Lunch

Served in the Foyer, Lunch will be a vegetarian and vegan offering, highlighting the potential to reduce our environmental impact through the choices we make around food. The lunch hour is also an opportunity to talk and share with fellow attendees and speak to some of our green stallholders. Take a look at our participating green stallholders and get your questions ready for the day.

We will also be screening a range of films on environmental issues in the Hall that attendees are welcome to watch during this hour, providing a calming space to learn and reflect.

2pm - 3.30pm Workshop Sessions - image

2pm - 3.30pm Workshop Sessions

Attendees are able to select from one of four sessions to participate in:

Workshop: Creating the Culture/SHIFT

Simon Gall, independent artist, Rebecca DeVivo, SEPA, and Gemma Lawrence, Creative Carbon Scotland

How can creative practices address environmental sustainability, and reimagine culture for a climate changed world? How can we work with sustainability practitioners and institutions to address these complex problems? In this workshop, participants learn from the experiences of past partnerships and development plans for future Culture/SHIFT collaborations.

Workshop: Green Champion 101

Fiona Flynn, Resource Efficient Scotland

New to being a Green Champion? Or wanting to refresh your knowledge, skills and ambitions towards reducing your environmental impact? In this workshop, Green Champions have the chance to undertake a tailored and condensed version of Resource Efficient Scotland’s ‘Green Champion Training’, specifically focused on understanding and reducing emissions related to energy, waste and travel.

Workshop: Leading the Green Arts

Scott Morrison, Scottish Ensemble, Amanda Grimm, Festivals Edinburgh, and Catriona Patterson, Creative Carbon Scotland

How can the Green Arts Community lead Scotland’s cultural response to climate change, and become a powerful peer-to-peer network for change? Led by and aimed at Green Arts members looking to develop the network into its next phase, this workshop will define the shared goals and needs for the future of the Green Arts Initiative , to strengthen and empower it to push for sustainability within organisations as well as at the societal or policy level.

Workshop: Adapting to Climate Change

Ben Twist, Creative Carbon Scotland, Gillian Gibson, National Galleries of Scotland

How are the arts being impacted by climate change, and how can we prepare for it? What are the medium term projections for Scotland, and how can we adapt our culture to weather the storms? This workshop will use case studies and scenarios to help cultural organisations identify how we might be impacted by a changing climate and crowd-source solutions.

3.30pm - 4pm Afternoon break

Tea and Coffee will be served at the back of the Auditorium. Attendees are encouraged to continue conversations from earlier sessions and meet participating sustainable suppliers and support organisations.

4pm - 4.30pm Supplier Sessions - image

4pm - 4.30pm Supplier Sessions

Attendees are able to select from one of four sessions to participate in:

Speed Networking for Sustainability

The strength of the Green Arts community is within its connections – meeting new people, or meeting old friends with new, green, things in common. New for 2019, this facilitated networking session will spark conversations on key points of shared interest and knowledge among Green Arts members – you don’t know who you might meet!

Presentation: Powering the Green Arts

Joe Wadsworth and Helen Franks, Good Energy

Often one of the biggest ways we can make a difference is through choosing more sustainable supply chains, and using our purchasing power to create, highlight and encourage more sustainable choices in others. Understand how to identify genuinely renewable energy, find out about preferential pricing for cultural organisations, and what switching means for your carbon emissions.

Presentation: Better Waste Solutions for Green Arts

James Chapman, Move On

Effective waste services are an important way for arts organisations to reduce their environmental impact. In this session Move On Wood Recycling will discuss their work in this area, which includes selling reclaimed timber, running workshops, providing local jobs and training young unemployed people.  They will discuss their experiences at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and how arts organisations can make use of recycling as a means of reducing their environmental impact more generally.

Presentation: Green Arts and Transport – The Road Ahead

Chris Milne, Energy Saving Trust

Getting between sites, travelling to meetings and touring work around the country: some local and national travel is a key part of how cultural organisations operate. Find out about the feasibility of electric vehicles, how cargo bikes could revolutionise city travel, and what grants and loans are available for Green Arts members.

4.30pm - 5pm Afternoon Plenary - image

4.30pm - 5pm Afternoon Plenary

Our National Response to Our Climate Emergency

Susie Townend, Head of Climate Change, Scottish Government

Earlier this year Scotland became one of the first countries in the world to declare a global climate emergency. In our closing plenary we explore how the Scottish Government is responding to this declaration, and how a national, cross-sector approach is needed to deliver the necessary climate action.

5pm - 5.45pm Drinks Reception

A celebration to mark the end of the Green Arts Conference, for attendees and additional invited guests, in the Foyer area. Wine and soft drinks will be available.

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