Opportunity: 2050 Young Leaders Development Programme

2nd May 2018

Applications for the 2050 Young Leaders Development Programme are now open!

Are you…

  • approx. 18-35 years old and
  • interested in tackling climate change? Or not YET interested in tackling climate change?

Do you have…

    • a desire to develop your leadership skills,
    • a willingness to inspire others,
  • personal drive and energy?

Introducing: 2050 Climate Group’s Young Leaders Development Programme

We need leaders to make Scotland’s sustainable future a reality. Leadership is all about influence. You don’t need to be a chief executive or MSP to have an impact on this world. The aim of the Young Leaders Development Programme (YLDP) is to give young people the leadership skills and climate change knowledge they need to take action on climate change. Now in its third year, we are looking for people like YOU to join the programme. The programme will kick off at the end of May 2018 and will consist of six days of training and workshops spread through the year-long programme. Each event will be held on a Saturday.

As a Young Leader you will:

  • Receive free leadership training from Scotland’s foremost experts
  • Build knowledge of climate change issues and solutions in day-to-day life, business and politics
  • Improve your communication and influencing skills
  • Increase your confidence
  • Build your CV with skills and experience
  • Be part of a growing network of a diverse range of young people
  • Be able to inspire others to actively contribute towards taking action on climate change

Programme structure

We believe that in order to help lead the way to a successful, sustainable future, there are three spheres of influence that must be addressed: personal, professional and political.

Throughout the programme, there will be a focus on developing your own actions, for example persuading your mum to take the bus more, getting your local supermarket to stock more low carbon food and getting your local council to build a heat network!

The Leaders Network

On successful completion of the programme, you will have the opportunity to join our network of Young Leaders from previous programmes. This is a space for networking, collaboration and taking action and will be supported by training and development opportunities.

We think that the Young Leaders Development Programme is a fantastic programme, but don’t take our word for it – here’s what participants said about last year’s Programme:

  • “Without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life.”
  • “Amazing programme and would highly recommend. Can’t believe it’s free as well! Thank you!”
  • “Honestly the best and most rewarding and inspirational experience of my life. It is such an amazing programme and it really enables you to take action and feel like you can do things. Before the programme I would sit and despair about how little I could do and how small I felt but the YLDP has changed that massively, so thank you so much!!”

Sounds good…tell me more! To find out more about 2050 Climate Group, the Young Leaders Development Programme and the application process, check out the 2050 Climate Group website or get in touch via contact@2050.scot.

Deadline Friday 11 May

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