Opportunity: Dark Green – Energy Dystopias After Oil micro-residency

1st May 2018

What do energy dystopias look like after oil?

Green is the colour of hope: the promise of a renewable future powered by abundant supplies of solar, wind or hydro-electric power.

But like satellite imagery of the earth from space our green futures often remain zoomed out from relationships of history, power and injustice in global locations, institutions and supply chains. So what does the dark side of our renewable future look like?

Dark Green is a 2-day micro-residency for artists to explore the unintended and uneven consequences of renewable energy infrastructures, technologies and devices in collaboration with social scientists.
Participating artists will be invited to produce an artwork/exhibition piece that responds to social science research questions and data fragments, as well as textual and visual materials.

The responses will be showcased in exhibitions in Edinburgh (June 9th, Dovecot Studios), Glasgow (29 August–1st September, Petrocultures2018) with future opportunities in Mexico, India, and Kenya. Participating artists will be invited to apply for a subsequent commission.

The micro-residency is hosted by the Not Just Energy Futures Research Group. Our concerns span locations in Latin America, Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia and address the environmental consequences of increased demand for plastics and metals, chemicals and microelectronics in renewable energy systems; new forms of labour in global supply chains; market based approaches to energy in humanitarian emergencies; land acquisition for energy projects; and the politics of big data from renewable energy systems.

Find full details and how to apply on the Not Just Energy Futures webpage.

Deadline Friday 4 May.

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