Opportunity: Get to grips with Environmental Management Systems

13th June 2016

Opportunity: Get to grips with Environmental Management Systems with this free training session from Resource Efficient Scotland

ISO 14001? Management systems? It may all sound a bit complicated but it can also be a way to help you get more organised and find new ideas. If you would like to know more about improving the environmental management of your organisation. this will help you get to grips with how it’s done. Resource Efficient Scotland are offering this taster session on 21st June 2016 at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

This FREE workshop has been specially designed for Scottish SMEs to introduce the skills needed to successfully implement an EMS in today’s competitive marketplace. Does your organisation already have an EMS and ISO 14001 certification? Then this workshop will help you manage your transition from 14001:2004 to 14001:2015 with minimal effort.

The workshop will outline each stage of the EMS process and provides tried-and-tested, fast-track tools, templates and methodologies so that your business can implement improvements quickly.

Using the skills shared will help your business to:

  • comply with changing legislation and avoid the risk of fines and damage to your reputation;
  • improve environmental performance and demonstrate your new capabilities to employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders;
  • improve resource efficiency and protect profits from unnecessary expenditure; set achievable improvement targets;
  • and where relevant, effectively manage your transition from 14001:2004 to 14001:2015.

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