Opportunity: Moths to a Flame – An invitation to join in making artwork for COP26

18th March 2021

Everyone is invited to join this nationwide creative response to the climate emergency for COP26.

“We’re asking people to help us make 20,000 moths and record their messages for the Moths to a Flame installation at COP26. The artwork allows us all to make a mark, have our say, show our willingness for action and bring a bit of beauty to COP26.” Chloë Uden, artist and founder of the Art and Energy Collective.

2021 is a really important year for action on climate change. Later this year, the UK is hosting the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow – also known as COP26. What gets decided by world leaders there will define the future that today’s young people inherit. The time is now to drive action on climate change, and show people that by coming together we can make a difference.

The Art and Energy Collective and Plymouth Energy Community have been planning this momentous artwork since 2019 and everyone is invited to get involved.

Moths have something to tell us about our relationship with energy; there are over 2,500 species of moth in the UK and most of them live in a mysterious nocturnal world so we don’t notice them much. They are secret pollinators and a vital part of our ecosystem. The UK has seen a drastic drop in the number of moths in recent years owing to pollution, farming methods, reduction in habitats and light pollution. This indicator species tells us a lot about the health of our planet.

This project raised over £40k through Plymouth City Council Climate Challenge Crowdfunder to work with people across the UK to build the artwork.

For access to resources for all ages and more information on how to get involved please visit the Moths to a Flame website. The team will be running free events, including making sessions, augmented reality activities, poetry writing, live moth-watching events and school workshops. There are all sorts of ways people can get involved.

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