Opportunity: Test Unit 2017: Occupying the Post Industrial City

20th April 2017

This opportunity comes from Agile City – for more information please visit their website. Deadline: 8 May 2017 Art, Design & Architecture …

This opportunity comes from Agile City – for more information please visit their website.

Deadline: 8 May 2017

Art, Design & Architecture Summer School
18 – 24 June

Throughout the week-long programme six facilitators will each lead a group exploring a different topic in response to the central theme:

Unit 1: Responsive Lighting – Jason Bruges Studio
Using both internal and external spaces we will animate the site and intrigue the public by exploring innovative light-based methods, creating site-specific interactive environments.

Unit 2: Urban Bothy – Baxendale
As exploration of our industrial urban landscape becomes ever more popular what are the possibilities for small, unique and affordable modes of temporal occupation within our cities?

Unit 3: Spatial Occupation – Assemble & TAKTAL
Using Civic House as a live case study we will explore themes of modular workspace, prefabrication, open source platforms, incremental development and the financial models to realise these ideas.

Unit 4: Façades – A Feral Studio
How do we read the city? What strategies can we use to design communicative building? Through façade and design interventions we will examine surfaces, layers & architecture as communication.

Unit 5: Eventful City – The National Theatre of Scotland
The ‘eventful city’ is a key driver for connecting people, testing ideas and initiating change. This unit will explore site-specific design, production, performance and participatory theatre.

Unit 6: Building Collaborative Economies – Valentina Karga
As post-industrial societies continue to struggle with issues of resource scarcity, how can values of sharing and collaboration translate into alternative forms of economy? Our exploration will address this question in an attempt to build stronger and more resilient communities.

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