Podcast: 100 conversations about climate change

6th December 2019

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Brought to you by Hazel Darwin-Clements.

  • How do we talk about climate breakdown with each other?
  • What are people doing, thinking and feeling about it?
  • How are people experiencing their own internal journey?
  • How are we coming together?
  • Where is the hope?
  • What are the threads that run through these conversations?
  • What can I do with the power that I have?
  • Can I really accept that we can’t save the world?

I set myself the challenge of having 100 conversations about climate change with my friends, friends of friends, my family, their friends, their dogs (not really), folk I met on the bus (ok, again not really) and pretty much anyone who would talk about it with me (really!). I’ve edited the conversations together to share all the best bits with you.

There will be 10 episodes over 10 weeks (beginning 27th November 2019). It’s recommended to start at the beginning, there’s an arc. (We might need one.)


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