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In Winter 2018, Creative Carbon Scotland undertook research into the implications of climate change impacts for the visual arts sector. It recognised the unique nature of Visual Arts Organisations, and aims to inform and recommend adaptation methodologies specific to the sector.

The aims

The project recognised the a gap between general climate change impact predictions and policies and specific sector practices.

Therefore the project had two key aims:

  • To understand the impact of climate change on visual arts organisations, focusing on Edinburgh as a case study, but also applicable to other areas of Scotland.
  • In co-operation with visual arts organisations,  to develop a programme of possible adaptation strategies and advice that is specifically aimed at the visual arts sector, bridging the gap in research and recommendations.

The method

The project took place from October 2018 – January 2019, and consisted of:

  • Secondary research on climate change: this included projected impacts of climate change in Scotland, using resources such as IPCC reports; ongoing adaptation programmes such as Edinburgh Adapts; and published scholarship on impacts in the cultural sector.
  • Primary research: this focused on understanding visual arts organisations and their perspectives on climate change and adaptation, as well as challenges that will be unique to the sector.

The outcomes and final research reportVisual Arts and Climate Adaptations in Scotland 2019 - Report

The project culminated in a report which makes adaptation recommendations specific to the sector, the findings of which were disseminated through the Creative Carbon Scotland website and a Green Tease event at the Scottish Portrait Gallery. The report focuses on the impacts of, and adaptation to climate change for visual arts organisations in Edinburgh and Scotland, but findings are also applicable cross-country and cross-sector.

It is hoped that the project will result in greater understanding of the impacts climate change will have in Scotland, and provides a base for clear, useful and realistic recommendations on adaptation practices. The research project also fits into the wider work of Creative Carbon Scotland through our Creative Europe- and Scottish Government-funded Cultural Adaptations project.

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