The Green Crafts Initiative

The Green Crafts Initiative

The Green Crafts Initiative (GCI) is a sister initiative to the established Green Arts Initiative and a joint project between Craft Scotland and Creative Carbon Scotland aiming to enable the craft sector to contribute green actions within Scotland's cultural industries.


Members of Craft Scotland and makers are able to apply to become members of the Green Crafts Initiative, which will provide support and advice for crafts individuals and groups committed to reducing their environmental impact.

The initiative asks members to pledge to improve their environmental actions over time through a series of simple commitments:

  • Reduce their environmental impact each year,
  • Strive to improve to their monitoring and management of environmental impacts each year,
  • Send a yearly informal report about their actions relating to the environment.

Members will have access to an extensive range of website resources and case studies to aid in their fulfillment of these commitments, as well as the ability to contact CCS for one-to-one advice as they work together to put culture and the arts at the heart of a more sustainable Scotland.

You can find out more about sustainability in craft practice through Craft Scotland’s ‘Make It Green’ blog series:

To sign up to the Green Crafts Initiative is very simple:

Green Crafts Initiative Sign-Up Form

  • We'll contact you to confirm your membership.

Makers and organisations signed up to the Green Crafts Initiative: 


To find out more about our sister initiative for arts venues, organisations and companies (the Green Arts Initiative) click here. For any questions, comments or enquiries, please contact Catriona on

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