Case Study: Reducing Waste – Edinburgh International Book Festival

4th January 2013

The Edinburgh International Book Festival has been working hard to minimize its paper waste, by encouraging brochure re-use during their festival.

The festival adopted three key actions to encourage re-use from audience members and staff:

Prominent signage on reuse bins at key exit points from the festival venues, catching people likely to be leaving the site with their brochure in hand and encouraging them to return unwanted brochures to the correct bins or to festival staff.

Promotion of the project in the brochure itself, on the Book Festival’s Environment page.

Staff engagement: making sure staff who pick up discarded brochures know to put re-usable ones into the reuse bins or back onto the brochure racks, and generally encourage customers to do the same, especially at the box office counter.

The Book Festival has deliberately not reduced its print run yet, but this reuse project has also encouraged a wider distribution of brochures, by reducing the amount allocated to the festival sites. The amount of brochures was reduced by 6,000 copies in the between 2010 and 2013. Recycled waste on site was also reduced by 14% between 2010 and 2012, in part due to the reduced number of paper copies on site.

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