Carbon Management in the Cultural Sector: Going to Plan?

11th November 2019

Carbon Management in the Cultural Sector: Going to Plan?

This resource documents a session from the 2019 Green Arts Conference, which provided up to date information on carbon management targets, discussed the main issues that organisations are facing, and provided time for planning for the future.

Video of the opening presentation

Fiona and Caro from Creative Carbon Scotland set the scene by discussing carbon management regulation that had been established up to 2019, the progress that had already been made by cultural organisations, and the trends and challenges that emerged from this data. This video also includes Fiona’s comments on the 2030 visions written by participants at the end of the session (see below). A PDF of the presentation used during the session is available here. You can also read the entry on this session in this year’s conference report.

Overview of the discussion session

After this, participants were asked to discuss and list the successes they had already achieved and the challenges they were now facing:

Some of the main successes listed were:

  • Having a ‘green team’ rather than only one ‘green champion’
  • Avoiding flights by using other forms of travel or Skype meetings
  • Creating an attitude change in their organisation
  • Using resources such as to track carbon emissions

Some of the main challenges listed were:

  • Not being able to measure emissions with enough detail
  • Not having full control over spaces due to being a tenant, festival, or touring organisation
  • International travel
  • Finding funding and covering costs

The session ended with everyone posting up their “2030” vision of how life will have changed to achieve our net zero emissions targets. Many contributions highlighted practical changes:

  • Travel: all electric cars, cars banned in cities;
  • Waste and circular economy: Nurture craftmaking, repair, and practical skills;
  • Energy: managed through smarter grids, no gas.

Others imagined changes in attitude:

  • Environmentalism is the default setting;
  • ‘We have ownership of our footprint and work to reduce it’;
  • Increased connection of people with nature.

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