Carbon Reduction in the Creative Industries: Scoping Report

19th February 2018

Carbon Reduction in the Creative Industries: Scoping Report

Climate change and efforts toward carbon reduction across all sectors of society are key if Scotland is to achieve our emissions targets, and prevent further damage to our environment. Recent research scoped the opportunities in this area across a few sectors of Scotland's Creative Industries.

In 2017, Creative Carbon Scotland was commissioned by Creative Scotland to undertake research into how the Creative Industries could reduce their environmental impact, their associated carbon emissions, and therefore their contributions towards climate change. The research particularly sought to focus on areas where activities to reduce emissions could enable businesses to be more socially and economically successful.

The Creative Industries are defined by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as ‘industries having a high creative intensity’. Such industries span across a huge range of activity taking place in Scotland. This research focused on two of the identified sixteen sub-sectors of the Creative Industries: the craft sub-sector and the digital content sub-sector.

Aiming to establish what practices relating to carbon reduction were already taking place (if any), the study spoke to a variety of organisations from across both sectors, conducted an analysis of any previous research undertaken, and established opportunities for development in these areas.

Although the sub-sectors initially appear to be quite different in their sustainability knowledge and approach, the research found that the biggest barrier to carbon reduction in both craft and digital content sub-sectors was a lack of knowledge, and a lack of training opportunities, and a lack of tools to support the measurement, monitoring and reduction of carbon emissions results from energy and water use, waste production and business travel.

Read the scoping report now:

Carbon Reduction in the Creative Industries: Scoping Report

The results of the research were shared with participants, Creative Scotland, and other partner organisations.

Creative Carbon Scotland seeks to support cultural organisations in Scotland to reduce their environmental impact, and to investigate and participate in the ways that culture can support the transition to a sustainable Scotland. We co-host the Green Crafts Initiative with Craft Scotland, and often run a variety of engagement and training events for those working across the arts, screen and creative industries. Take a look at our current projects and upcoming events for more information.

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