Case Study: Environmental Policy: Centre for Contemporary Arts

14th October 2014

The Centre for Contemporary Arts, based in Glasgow, has developed an ambitious environmental policy as they aim to achieve high industry standards for sustainability.

The CCA has been steadily increasing their sustainability through a series of actions over time, including: implementing recycling facilities throughout the building to reduce landfill waste; using the ‘switch it off’ campaign for staff; locally sourcing materials and products to cut down on carbon emissions, and changing existing lighting to LED lamps. They are also an active member of our Green Arts Initiative.

However, the organisation has an aspiration to become a role model for arts organisations in these efforts, and so have created an ambitious environmental policy to plan their further actions.

The full policy statement is available here.

CCA aims to increase the environmental sustainability of a range of areas over 2014. These include:

  • Working to achieving high industry standards for sustainability
  • Reducing the consumption of water and energy throughout the building by installing new boilers, a Building Management System and energy efficient hand-dryers.
  • Positively promoting sustainable changes to the surrounding area and businesses to increase personal relationships with the local environment and see how individual contributions can make a difference

The organisation has already put lots of actions in place to realise these aims, but their policy also states their new actions in progress in 2014:

  • New recycling and food waste stations for staff, Cultural Tenants and the public using local charity Changeworks Recycling.
  • Staff training and incentive schemes for sustainability.
  • Cultural Tenants will be expected to adhere to CCA standards for waste and energy reduction and we will assist Tenants with this.
  • A new bike rack plus ‘cycle to work’ promotions.
  • Refreshed marketing of Green ambitions to engage with the public.
  • Introduction of timer plugs and motion sensor adaptors to reduce electricity waste.
  • Closer monitoring of staff, artist and public travel.
  • Working with marketing on a re-branded green campaign which will be visible throughout the building, our online presence and in packs given to partners and clients.

CCA’s work also demonstrates engagement with some of their varied stakeholders (including staff, audiences and tenants) on sustainability issues. Click here to find out more.

The Centre for Contemporary Arts is a multi-arts venue based in Glasgow that has hosted exhibitions, film, music, literature, spoken word, festivals and Gaelic events since 1992. The building is also home to a variety of ‘Cultural Tenants’, the majority of which are other cultural or artistic organisations. 

Image:  © Centre for Contemporary Arts, CCA Facade, 2014.

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