Case Study: Improving cycling facilities with Dundee Rep and Cycling Scotland

14th March 2019

Case Study: Improving cycling facilities with Dundee Rep and Cycling Scotland 3

Over spring 2019, Dundee Rep is undertaking a series of improvements to its cycling facilities, particularly enabling staff and visitors to travel to the venue by low carbon means. Jaci, Green Champion of the Rep, tells us more about their plans.

Introduction of Works

Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre has been working hard to increase its green credentials. The theatre is part of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and is currently rated ‘Gold’, but one of the areas we need to improve is our transport links.

As we are a city centre venue, it is difficult to get parking for cars, so we want to encourage staff and visitors to cycle to our venue. However, our facilities for safe storage of bikes is not good for a number of reasons:

  • We have a 5-bike rack without shelter from the elements. This means that in the colder months staff bring their bikes into the building, causing a fire hazard and blocking routes and equipment.
  • The facility is not secure, which gives staff the concern that their bikes will be stolen.
Case Study: Improving cycling facilities with Dundee Rep and Cycling Scotland 1

Existing cycle storage at the theatre is not secure or sheltered.

Our Aims

Our aim is therefore to give our visitors a secure sheltered storage area for bikes, but also allow our staff to cycle to work with the facilities to shower and change into working clothes and vice versa.

Towards this, we have a number of actions identified:

  • We will encourage our visitors to cycle by adding the information to our website and social media pages.
  • We will add directional signage to our building to allow visitors to find the shelter easily.
  • Our old bike rack will also be re-utilised and we will re-situate it at the front of the theatre.
  • We also plan to add a set of lockers to our public ground floor bathrooms so that cycling gear can be locked away during users’ time at the Rep.

Work Proposed

The area under consideration is our courtyard, to the side of the building, which is accessible to all staff and visitors. The design would fit this space and would be covered by CCTV to add further security.

Case Study: Improving cycling facilities with Dundee Rep and Cycling Scotland 5

The theatre plan to use the space in their courtyard for the new cycle storage.

We are looking to install a 2 tier system for 20 bikes, which would be bolted to the ground and fully enclosed to protect from all weather. The cycle shelter would be made from a steel structure and poly-carbonate panels all round. To access the cycle shelter we would install a cycle ramp to the steps from the upper level to allow for easier manual handling.

In addition, we have three areas that we intend to have available for cycling changing rooms.  Each will have shower and locker facilities, and we aim to make the areas more welcoming for cycle users and to encourage more people to cycle.

Changing Area 1- The Back Stairs

  • All changing rooms will be re painted, with nice cycling transfers on the main wall.
  • New coin return lockers will be purchased and installed.
  • New rails will also be added to allow outdoor clothes to be hung to dry if wet.
  • Each shower room will be spruced up with new modesty doors, storage caddies and new shower curtain.
Case Study: Improving cycling facilities with Dundee Rep and Cycling Scotland 4

Changing and Shower rooms are being repainted to freshen up the spaces.

Changing Area 2- The Scottish Dance Theatre Changing rooms

As the majority of SDT dancer’s cycle to work anyway, we will improve both the ladies and gents changing rooms with new paint, lockers and general tidy.

Changing Area 3- The Ground Floor Changing Area

This space will be completely cleared to allow for a full paint refurbish, including a ‘wet wall’ within the shower room, re-grouted tiling and a new shower curtain. Retaining existing lockers and adding storage racks and rails will enable storage and drying of clothes and towels.

Case Study: Improving cycling facilities with Dundee Rep and Cycling Scotland 2

Current changing and shower rooms will be redecorated and fitted with more storage for clothing equipment.

Funding from Cycling Scotland

National charity Cycling Scotland support employers like Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre (and previously WASPS Artists Studios) to fund improvements to their building to encourage more staff to cycle to work through the Cycle Friendly Employer Development Fund. More information can be found on their website. 

Following the completion of the work, there will be an official launch of the new facilities, with invited cycling-themed organisations and suppliers, as well as free goodies! We look forward to seeing the finished work!

Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre are a member of our Green Arts Initiative: a growing networked community of practice of 220 Scottish cultural organisations committed to reducing their environmental impact. It is free to become part of the community, and there are lots of resources and case studies (like this one!) to support #GreenArts organisations. Take a look at our Green Arts Initiative page for more information.

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