Case Study: Resource Efficiency – Lyceum Theatre

16th January 2013

Interior of the Lyceum theatre, Edinburgh

Since 2006  staff at The Lyceum Threatre in Edinburgh have been working hard to reduce the impact of their building. By measuring and reducing the theatre’s water and energy usage and waste production, 152 tonnes of CO2 have been saved, generating financial savings of £187,723 [calculated at 2006 prices].

The Lyceum’s building’s manager, David Tildesley, recently gave CCS a breakdown of the key reductions made and financial savings in terms of water, energy and waste.


  •  In 2006 our carbon emissions for water consumption was 2.79TCO2 this has been reduced to 0.91TCO2 in 2012.
  • We have reduced our water consumption in the theatre from 6910M3 in 2006 to 2262M3 in 2013. Since 2006 we have saved over 32,407M3 equating to £53,955 [calculated at 2006 water prices].
  • We achieved these savings by installing hippo bags in old cisterns and controlling our urinal water flushing.


  • We have reduced our carbon emissions for electricity and gas in the theatre from 325TCO2 to 299TCO2 in 2012.
  • Electrical energy has been steadily reduced from 481,143KWh in 2004 to 339,385KWh in 2013. Since 2006 we have saved over 883,077KWh equating to £51,573 [calculated at 2006 electricity prices].
  • Gas energy has been reduced from 898,068KWh in 2004 to 671,373KWh in 2013. Since 2006 we have saved over 2,828,436KWh equating to £82,195 [calculated at 2006 gas prices]
  • We are achieving these energy savings by monitoring and targeting usage, improved BMS controls and ongoing a programme of installing energy efficient lights


  • In 2006 our carbon emissions for generated waste was 240TCO2 this has reduced to 159TCO2 in 2012
  • In 2006 our recycle rate was 3%, we were sending 120 Tonnes to landfill and recycling 3.64 Tonnes of waste.
  • In 2012 our recycle rate was 49%, we sent 80 Tonnes to landfill and recycled 38.82 Tonnes of waste.
  • We are achieving these improvements by recycling paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, lamps, batteries and printers; sending food waste and paper towels to compost.


  • We are actively engaged in the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Management Plan and aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by a further 20% by 2017, generating further savings of £104,966 over the next 5 years.

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