Case Study: Publishing Scotland LED Lighting

19th December 2019

Case Study: Publishing Scotland LED Lighting 1

Publishing Scotland's Glasgow-based distribution company, BookSource, took advantage of an interest-free loan from Resource Efficient Scotland, to install substantially more efficient lighting that dramatically reduced their carbon emissions, as well as their electricity bill. 

BookSource runs a large warehouse space used for the storage and distribution of books. Due to the large scale of the warehouse, they found that an unusually large proportion of their electricity was being used for lighting. For most organisations, lighting falls some way behind heating, air conditioning, and water heating as a source of electricity usage. In order to reduce their electricity bills as well as their carbon footprint they wanted to replace their lighting with a more efficient system based on LED-lighting and motion sensors.

To fund the improvements, they were able to obtain an interest free loan from Resource Efficient Scotland to cover the costs. Many arts and culture organisations in Scotland meet the criteria to apply for these loans, which are a valuable source of funds to cover the costs of major improvements to your organisations environmental impact.

BookSource have found that the lighting changes allowed them to save 34 tonnes of CO2 each year and have reduced their electricity bill by 60% as well as making the warehouse a more pleasant place to work. At Creative Carbon Scotland, we have repeatedly seen that for the building-based organisations we work with electricity and gas usage tend to be by far the largest contributors to their carbon footprint, so this kind of project can have a highly significant impact.



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