Case Study: Environmental Policy – Stellar Quines

10th December 2013

After attending a number of CCS training workshops and meetings, Stellar Quines updated their environmental policy and made it available online, a particularly helpful resource for small/medium sized touring companies.

The company has committed to taking action across a range of areas, with the purpose of minimising the environmental impact of their operations, productions and touring work.

Policies & Operations

  • Monitoring and evaluation of all staff journeys, encouraging the use of public transport where possible.
  • Data collection from activity areas, calculation and evaluation of the company’s carbon footprint.
  • As tenants in a large building, working with the venue owners to monitor and reduce the carbon footprint of the Stellar Quines office.

Suppliers & Equipment

  • Identifying and working with suppliers that have a robust environmental policy in place.
  • Ensuring that new equipment purchases are as energy efficient as possible.


  • Investing in digital and online methods for audience communication.
  • Encouraging subscribers to opt into email, e-newsltter and social media communication in preference to paper mailouts.
  • Using local printers and printing of all publicity on sustainable paper.
  • Including a recycling encouragement on all printed material.


  • Choosing the most environmentally friendly mode of transport for journeys attached to a touring production.
  • Devolving responsibility to the cast and crew for organising their accommodation while on tour, but encouraging the use of environmentally friendly accommodation where possible.
  • Reusing, recycling and storing old sets where possible.

Working with artists

  • Encouraging all creative team members to be as environmentally friendly as possible when working on any of the company’s productions or projects.

Working with Venues & Audiences

  • Where possible, touring to venues that have a robust environmental policy in place.
  • Working with venues to encourage more audiences per mile.


  • All Stellar Quines staff will take responsibility for adhering to the company’s environmental policy. In addition, one member of staff will be responsible for implementing and monitoring this policy.
  • Ensuring that company’s environmental policy is available to all new members of staff and freelance staff, and involving them in the company’s environmental programme.

Stellar Quines have also committed to a regular review of their environmental impact of our activities, engaging all members of staff and the Board in this review.

Image: Courtesy of Stellar Quines, The List,

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