Culture Shift Report – How Artists are Responding to Sustainability in Wales

9th February 2016

Culture Shift Report - How Artists are Responding to Sustainability in Wales 1

A research report produced by a collaboration between the Welsh Centre for Alternative Technology, and a number of other organisations in Wales, argues that arts have a huge role to play in creating a cultural shift in our approach to climate change and sustainability.

Commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales (ACW) to explore the ‘creative response’ to sustainability in Wales, this report aimed to:

  • identify key projects, initiatives, networks and organisations that are part of what is becoming an emerging sector within the arts;
  • draw out themes, threads and commonalities;
  • establish a representative picture of how principles of sustainability are being used to underpin creative projects
  • discover how creative principles are being used to enhance sustainability projects.

Wales was the first country in the UK to introduce the plastic carrier bag charge, it is the home of the Centre for Alternative Technology, Tipi Valley (one of the UK’s original eco-communities), and now ‘low-impact’ communities such as Lammas, and is often viewed as a sustainable development pioneer. However, in the context of creative responses to sustainability, there was less evidence of an environmentally aware, eco-conscious nation.

Culture Shift – How Artists are responding to Sustainability in Wales, thus details and documents creative actions and activities so far, with a particular emphasis on interesting case studies of significantly contributing individual artists and groups.

Although concentrating on Welsh activity, the research is framed within the context of wider cultural changes and inspirations: providing further creative inspiration, nationally and internationally.

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