Further Resources on Arts and Sustainability

31st August 2020

Further Resources on Arts and Sustainability

This is an ongoing listing of useful organisations, websites, networks and information sources that can be helpful for anyone working in the arts, environmental sustainability, and their intersections. 

We continually update this list with anything we encounter through our Culture/SHIFT projects and welcome suggestions for things that should be included. If you have any suggestions please get in touch 

General networks and groups 

  • The Green Tease events series and network provides opportunities for artists and sustainability practitioners to meet, discuss, and make connections in a relaxed and creative environment. It also includes a database and Facebook group that provide further contact opportunities.  
  • Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network is an interdisciplinary research network developing collaborative work that brings humanities perspectives to environmental issues.  
  • Climate Cultures is a network of artists, curators and researchers working on the climate crisis. 
  • A+E Collective is a collective of creative practitioners who organise multidisciplinary events thematising the climate and ecological crisis.  
  • The Dark Mountain Project is a journal and network focused on using creative methods to imagine more environmentally sustainable ways of existing.  
  • Artdotearth is a collaboration space for creatives working on environmental issues, which also produces research and organises events. 
  • CreaTures is a Finnish-based research group working on the roles the arts can play in addressing climate change. 

General blogs and information sources 

  • ecoartscotland is a regularly updated blog that provides up to date insights on arts and sustainability in Scotland. 
  • Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts is a thinktank for sustainability in arts and culture that produces reports and resources and organises events.   
  • Artists and Climate Change is a regularly updated blog that brings together global examples of artistic engagement with climate change. 
  • Center for Creative Ecologies is a Santa Cruz-based research group looking at how cultural practitioners address and negotiate environmental concerns. 
  • The Ashden Directory (now archived) provides a database of over 700 productions bringing together environmentalism and the performing arts. 

Natural environment, ecology and land use 

  • AALERT network is a transdisciplinary network that facilitates dialogue on landscape and environmental decision making between artists, scientists, philosophers, policy makers and the public. 
  • The Valuing Nature Network is a network of researchers and others aiming to better represent the natural environment in valuation analyses and decision making. They have produced reports on interdisciplinary collaboration and the value of arts research. 
  • Translocal institute for contemporary art is an independent research platform focusing on the art history of Central Europe and contemporary ecological practices. 
  • #art4wetlands is a hashtag bringing together artistic work on the importance of wetlands. 

Art and activism 

  • Culture Declares Emergency is a network of cultural organisations that have made a formal declaration of climate emergency and are pursuing the implications of this for their work. More specific networks such as Music Declares Emergency also exist.  
  • Art not Oil is a coalition of organisations working on ending oil sponsorship of the arts. Members include the artivist groups BP or not BP and Liberate Tate and the research and engagement body Culture Unstained 
  • Platform London is an environmental justice campaigning organisation that uses a mixture of protest, art, education, and research.  
  • The Centre for Artistic Activism supports the use of the arts within activism including environmental campaigning through research, resources and training.  
  • The Artivist Network supports the strategic use of the arts as part of protest, focusing especially on climate justice.   
  • The Extinction Rebellion Art group produces creative banners, placards, and imagery for marches and protests. 


  • Land Art Generator Initiative is a sustainable design event that aims to promote the cause of renewable energy through fostering creative collaborations that imagine radical renewable energy projects.  
  • Speculative Energy Futures is an Alberta-based research group working on the roles of artistic and creative approaches in the transition to sustainable energy 
  • Art and Energy is a group of artists, makers, technologists, academics and others who collaborate on the aesthetics of energy generation technology 

Embedded artists 

  • The Library of Creative Sustainability is our database of detailed case studies, showcasing projects that have brought together organisations and creative practitioners to work on environmental sustainability issues.  
  • What do artists know? is a resource by artist Frances Whitehead that summarises what artists can contribute as part of work tackling environmental issues. 
  • A Blade of Grass, Municipal Artists Partnerships presents the benefits of setting up partnerships between arts and municipal bodies using detailed case studies.   
  • The US-based City as Living Laboratory embeds artistic approaches into projects working on improving the sustainability of cities.  


  • Season for Change facilitates artistic events and programming on environmental issues leading up to UN climate change conferences (known as COPs). 
  • Climate Fringe is a website created by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland that provides listings for events being organised in the leadup to and during COP26. 
  • #arts4cop26 is a Facebook page made by Creative Carbon Scotland and ecoartscotland for people interested in the roles of arts and culture in and around COPs. 
  • The COP26 Coalition Slack workspace is where a lot of the civil society organising around COP26 is taking place. It includes a ‘Culture’ working group that is open for anyone to join.  
  • ArtCOP21 was an initiative organised by COAL and Cape Farewell to facilitate global artistic engagement with COP21 in Paris. 
  • More information and resources on COP26 are available on our Guide to Making Plans for COP26 page 

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