Resource Efficiency Support in Scotland

7th February 2017

Resource efficiency support in Scotland 1

The Scottish government provides a range of support programmes, courses, campaigns and other funding to help people and organisations on the journey to Zero Waste.

Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland Regulations 2

Zero Waste Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government to support the delivery of its Zero Waste Plan and other low carbon and resource efficiency policy priorities. See more at the Zero waste Scotland website.

Their programme is informed by the following Scottish Government policies and strategies:

  • Climate Change (Scotland) Act (2009)
  • Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan (2010)
  • Waste (Scotland) Regulations (2012)
  • Government Economic Strategy (2012)
  • Low Carbon Scotland (2013)
  • Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources (2013)
  • Towards a Litter-Free Scotland (2014)
  • Towards Decarbonising Heat (2014)

Information on all of the policies can be accessed on the website in  Work in Context.

Resource Efficient Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland Regulations

Resource Efficient Scotland, the Scottish Government programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland helps organisations in the private, third and public sectors reduce costs by reducing energy, water, and raw materials use and managing waste efficiently.

Energy Saving Trust

Zero Waste Scotland Regulations 1If you’re based in Scotland the Energy Saving Trust provides free expert advice, support and funding to help your organisation, staff and clients save energy, lower costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The Energy saving trust offer help and training on:

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