RFO Carbon Reporting 2015 – 16

27th June 2017

Better Carbon Reporting Leads to Better Understanding of our Sector’s Impact 2

The full version of the 2015-16 report is available to download here.

In 2015 – 16, significantly more organisations submitted carbon emissions information, with 117 reporting compared to the previous year’s figure of 90 and a 31% increase in the amount of data reported.

In particular, the reporting process gathered more data in 2015-16 and more of the data was based on actual recorded figures rather than estimates. As a result the figures from the reporting can be considered more accurate and relevant for identifying areas where future carbon reductions can best be achieved.

Key findings include:

  • The quality of environmental reporting to Creative Scotland is improving year on year thanks to the dedicated work of the sector. More organisations have submitted data and more of the data are actual measurements rather than estimates. 117 organisations reported in 2015-16 compared to 90 in 2014-15.
  • A significantly larger number of Theatres supplied emissions figures and they included more categories this year leading to a larger footprint for this group. The total of reported emissions is now dominated by utilities usage in Theatres.
  • Calculated metrics for utility use can be used to help those who are running buildings to assess whether the performance of their building could be improved.
  • Travel reporting by Theatres is lower than expected as they normally have relatively large numbers of employees and further work is needed to understand if this reflects the difficulties of gathering data or the way the organisations operate.
  • Utilities reporting rates by Tenants is relatively low leading to an underestimate of the total emissions from the sector. This could be enhanced by encouraging Tenants to make estimates of their office energy use (the Tenant Energy Toolbox can be used for this purpose).

This year’s data will help the sector move on to stage two of the programme when Creative Carbon Scotland will be helping organisations with Carbon Management Planning to reduce emissions relating to their future projects. CCS will continue to support RFOs to improve reporting levels and to make the most of the information gathered to benefit their organisations and sustainability ambitions.

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