SiPA – Sustainability in Production Alliance

5th July 2016

Sustainability in Production Alliance needs you

So what is the Sustainabilty in Production Alliance (SiPA)?

The Sustainability in Production Alliance was founded by Andy Purves and Craig Bennet as a voluntary organisation working towards changing the culture in their industry. Both Craig and Andy are members of the Association of Lighting Designers and have worked for many years in the live production industry. They have become concerned at the direction the industry is moving in and the lack of sustainable thinking. Their concerns encompassed financial, environmental, and social sustainability and between them they decided it was time to do something about it.

At PLASA 2014 a panel assembled by the Association of Lighting Designers debated sustainability. It was recognised that each facet of the industry working disparately could not effect the necessary culture change. This ultimately led to the creation of Sustainability in Production Alliance (SiPA). The alliance is formed of representatives from all sectors of the industry.

We will only move forward as an industry if we communicate and work together to change our culture”.

A large number of those at the event expressed an interest in being involved and during 2014/15 a group of those interested professionals got together and agreed on a set of goals covering Social, Environmental and Economic sustainability.

The goals cover an initial 10 year period from 2015 to 2025 and are intended to form a framework to stimulate individual, collaborative and industry-wide action.

  • The pillars of sustainability – social, environmental, and economic each support three SiPA goals, facilitated by a group of goal guardians.
  • Goal guardians work with a team of goal allies (you) to ensure communication and collaboration will reach all sectors of the supply chain.
  • Each goal group will collect information, form agreements, and embed outcomes into daily practice.
  • Practice is the key here; SiPA is practical. The SiPA initiative removes the cultural boundaries to sustainability that are naturally present within the industry. Understanding the needs and actions of others will create a combined force to tackle some of our biggest issues.
  • The goal groups will work transparently and present progress on an annual basis.

The press launch of SiPA – The Sustainability in Production Alliance took place on 8th September 2015, at the Unicorn Theatre and this was followed up by the successful launch of the initiative at PLASA 2015 in London,

Creative Carbon Scotland is keen to promote their message in Scotland and presented a seminar on the Goals at PLASA Focus Glasgow in January 2016.

You can help:

SiPA would like to hear from anyone interested in becoming involved. They are recruiting goal guardians. To find out more check out the SiPa website where you can find information on what’s involved and how to contact the Alliance

NOTE: SiPA is 100% unfunded but has been supported in-kind by:

Entertaining Sustainability – for sharing of their web space and forums

PLASA – for provision of space and a show stand at the PLASA trade shows

The Association of Lighting Designers – for initiating the debate

The Theatres Trust – for provision of meeting space

White Light Ltd – for support and provision of materials

SiPA is a voluntary group. The group will use social media to spread their message to manufacturers, product designers, hire, sales and events companies, designers, stage managers, technicians and engineers, production managers, producers, architects and theatre consultants, students, educators, directors, choreographers, venue managers… the live production industry

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